Zoe b Organics & Kidishes


First watch this - Pretty impressive isn't it!  In a world where we live and breath all things plastic it's nice to see products like Kidishes.  If you are like me you often cringe when you pull out that plastic bowl that you bought at Wally World to warm up your child's next meal - is it 'really' BPA-free?  Are there any other toxins we don't know about yet?  How many barrells of oil were used to make this plastic bowl?  *Yes - these are all real thoughts that go through my head when I look in my cabinets.  Kidishes have actually been around for ages - back before I was born actually - by a company out of France called Duralex.  They've mastered the kid-friendly tempered glass plates and bowls and as the story is told over at Zoe b Organics, Duralex is found in all the schools in France.  How did we ever get away from using sustainable, reusable, safe, non-breakable tempered glass? I was introduced to Zoe b Organics at the Green Blogger Soiree during my BlogHer trip (Who ... [ Read More ]