Avocado, Lime, Banana Yogurt Smoothies

Avocado Lime Banana Smoothie

What could say summer more than a refreshing tropical smoothie?  I've always been an avocado junkie (seriously, I could live off these things) but my love was revitalized last week when I saw a friend of mine post a recipe about Tropical Avocado Popsicles.  They just looked absolutely delicious.  Today on my trip to the grocery store I filled my shopping cart with a few ingredients that I was craving; avocados, limes, bananas, and some Smooth & Creamy Vanilla Stonyfield yogurt.  My intention was to make some avocado push pops using some new molds we found at the store last week.  My daughter has been DYING to use them. My little chef wanted to help in the kitchen too so I let her add all the ingredients to the blender and control the buttons!  I love that she enjoys being in the kitchen with me.  After we filled up our 4 push pops (recipe coming tomorrow) she begged me to drink the leftovers!  Instead, we added a few more ingredients and made the mixture a little thicker for a ... [ Read More ]

Stonyfield Strawberry Pancake Muffins Recipe

Stonyfield Strawberry Pancake Muffins

What's for breakfast?  How about some strawberry pancake muffins make with Stonyfield organic greek yogurt.  You can make up a batch on the weekend and have them for the kids during the week to grab on their way out. I actually had to giggle when I found out it was National Pancake Week because my family knows that the only type of pancakes I am good at making are the frozen kind.  I really don't know what is wrong with me, I can cook almost anything except pancakes!  I usually end up burning them, making them too fluffy, too cakey, to thin and runny, or flat.  I decided for this project I was going to do something I rarely mess up on - cupcakes or muffins!  Pancake muffins!! It's strawberry season here in Florida so I added some fresh chopped strawberries to the batter.   You could add any of your favorite ingredients including chopped nuts, bananas, chocolate chips, peanut butter, etc. Stonyfield Strawberry Pancake Muffins Recipe Recipe Type: Breakfast Cuisine: ... [ Read More ]

There’s Snow and Stonyfield Smoothies in Utah (and on the Moon)

Eating snow

  I have you confused with the title don't I?  Snowing?  Smoothies?  Utah?  The Moon?  What happened after my trip to Blissdom last month?  I teased you with it a few weeks ago but (as time always does) time slipped away from me.  When I boarded my flight from Dallas, instead of heading home to Tampa I flew to Utah!  My husband and the kids were boarding a plane around the same time to meet me out there for our Spring Break.  (Read all the way to the bottom to find out how to win some Stonyfield Smoothies!) I know, normal people go to the beach for Spring Break!  We've always wanted to take the kids to see snow.  My son last saw snow at the age of 1 when we were still living in Georgia and our daughter has never seen snow.  Both my husband and I were raised in Georgia and only saw the occasional dusting and ice storm.  So we finally packed the kids and set out on our very first family snow skiing adventure.  Here's a quick glimpse at some of our favorite moments in the ... [ Read More ]

Banana & Pear Smoothie Recipe for Squooshi Reusable Pouches

Banana and Pear Smoothie Recipe

  I don't know what it is about bananas and pears but they turn bad within a day or two of coming home with me.  The best way to get my kids to eat them is to drink them so it's time to pull out our Magic Bullet and make smoothies. Recipe & Directions:  We always start with a base of Stoneyfield organic yogurt (we used Vanilla Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt) and then add in our ingredients.  This week we added one banana and one pear cut into cubes to our mixture.  We also added a splash of milk (almond for my daughter and regular milk for my son) and a tablespoon of local honey.  Blend until smooth and enjoy. Instead of serving our banana & pear smoothie in a cup we tested out our new reusable food pouches by Squooshi. My kids love to suck down those fruit pouches that you can find at the grocery store and it can be a strain on my wallet (and the environment).  I was so excited when the Squooshi team contacted me about their brand new refillable pouches. ... [ Read More ]