10 Reasons to Breastfeed


Today marks the 578th day of breastfeeding my little tot!  Well to be clear - I'm not actually breastfeeding her today because she is at Camp Grandma/Grandma while I am flying (yes - right now) to NYC for #BlogHer10!  But - we are still breastfeeding and my pump (Thanks Hygeia) is packed securely inside my luggage. Many of you may remember the adventures I had while traveling to Miami for a week - without a tot - and without my handy pump!  I had a mommy moment while packing then and left the pump in my closet all alone!  Enter my introduction to hand expression and jokes from my hubby and friends! There was a question as to whether I should continue to breastfeed when I returned or let her be weened since she had been off mommy milk for a whole week.  Two hours after our reunion she kindly asked for mommy - and I couldn't say no. Once again - I will continue to pump while away and I'll let her decide if it's time to ween or not.  It seems almost fitting that she would ween ... [ Read More ]