Save Water, Drink Wine

Moms Drink Wine to Save Water

Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything goes haywire?  It's been one of those weeks here for sure!  It started on Monday when my daughter decided to cut her hair at school. That was followed by a parent/teacher conference for testing our boundaries with our new teacher, then with a phone call that she had fell and scraped her face up pretty bad, followed by a stomach bug getting my oldest for 24 hours, delays at work due to other people's emergencies, and planning for Black Friday madness at work.  Oh, and I have to get all the laundry done today so that I can pack tonight for a trip. I've felt like crying on more than one occasion this week; but I saved the tears and drank wine instead! Now that both kids are back in school today and (so far) there have been no more accidents, I'm going to treat myself to a wine tasting tonight..... ...and you're invited!! Amista Vineyards, Frick Winery, and F. Teldeschi Winery have teamed up for a live Ustream (and ... [ Read More ]

The Perfect Mother’s Day


What would the perfect Mother's Day look like to you? Would it be a vase full of flowers?  Breakfast in bed?  A handmade gift from your child?  An hour to yourself without your kids clawing at your legs?  A day out with friends at the spa? Things have changed a lot over the past 11 years of being a mom and so has my "perfect Mother's Day!"  For me, a perfect Mother's Day would be one where I am unplugged from the online world and soaking up every moment I can with my family.  I don't care about the gifts or going out to eat, those aren't the things you remember very long.  I care about the memories that I can make with my kids. I started Mother's Day weekend a little early with a night out to the movies with some friends.  Tonight was the opening of the new movie, Mom's Night Out.  It's a movie about a young mom of three small kids who is "stress paralyzed!"  Yes, that's really a least in the movie!  While I may not have the same life as the main character, Allyson ... [ Read More ]

The Gift of Wine

Give Wine from the California Wine Club

You may recall me talking about the California Wine Club before.  I received a 2 month subscription to their program back in mid-November and I'm going to be sad when my subscription is over.  (Hint: Need a gift idea for me??)  My November delivery was from Robledo Family Winery and my December delivery was from Daniel Gehco.  Both from California and both were absolutely divine! We cheered over the Daniel Gehco Merlot and Chenin Blanc over Thanksgiving with my husbands family.  It was a nice addition to our holiday celebration. Have someone on your Christmas list who is difficult to shop for?  Do they like wine?  The California Wine Club has memberships available starting at only $49.95.  Each gift membership comes with: 2 bottles of wine.  You get to choose if they are both white, both red, or one of each. Subscription to Uncorked! magazine. Personalized gift message. Bonus Gift: a handy wine tote. Bonus Gift: a gift credit for $25 off their next order. I've ... [ Read More ]

The Perfect Gift for a Mom (or anyone really)

California Wine Club

  Are you looking for the perfect gift for your wife, sister, co-worker, or best friend?  Does she have kids?  Does she chase those kids around for hours each day?  Does she spend most of her day taking care of others while putting herself at the end of a very long list?  Then I know exactly what will make her smile (and relax a bit) this holiday least after the meals are cooked and messes cleaned up. Give her the gift of wine and perhaps a few hours of adult time without the kids.  The California Wine Club offers gift memberships starting at only $49.95.  You can select the membership length you like - 1 mo, 2 mo, 3 mo, 6 mo, 9 mo or the entire year!  With each shipment you'll be sending her 2 bottles of award-winning California wines and Uncorked! magazine.  All holiday orders will also receive 2 bonus gifts; a reusable 2 wine tote and a $25 credit for when they reorder their favorite wines.  Shipping is also included at that price!  What an awesome gift this ... [ Read More ]

Eco-Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway #12


Giveaway Alert! Win a $10 gift certificate to spend at Picnic Basket Crafts on Etsy.  ECO-ngratulations Zealandsmom! Is anyone else addicted to Etsy?  It's my inspiration to dive back into my artsy crafty self and create!  (Of course with my 2 kids and a full time job...and a blog...I don't really have the time!)  Etsy is a worldwide site that allows creative people to make handmade goods for the rest of the world.  My favorite thing about Etsy is that everything is made with love and passion from people just like you and I.  One such person is Tiffany, owner of Picnic Basket Crafts.  Tiffany creates eco-friendly decadent products for your body, home and baby.  Tiffany creates an amazing line of body products that would make a great at home spa day!  Just add a bottle of wine and some good friends and pamper yourself with her Facial Scrub or Foot Soak.  Cloth diapering mama's will love Tiffany's Cleanse and Moisturize Mist for your cloth wipes...the fresh scent will take away ... [ Read More ]