Breastfeeding – Weaning at Two

I'm sure it's no surprise to you but weaning at two is much different than weaning at one.  When I weaned our son we had been planning an anniversary trip out of town for a long weekend and I had slowly weaned him over a week (hardly enough time to do it right) and then we went cold turkey!  What I learned that weekend was a very painful lesson - weaning hurts.  Over the next two to three days my breasts were very engorged and painful as the milk dried up.  Fortunately it wasn't an emotionally painful experience for either of us.  At one he couldn't really communicate well and couldn't verbalize his desire.  He quickly took to his sippy cup (which we had already introduced) and we never looked back. I guess one (of the many) reasons I held off on weaning my daughter was because I remember how painful the weaning process was.  With her we've been working on weaning the right way for over a year.  We slowly reduced the frequency of feedings over the year and she usually only asked ... [ Read More ]

Breastfeeding – Day 730 (Our last day)

Well we made it to day 730 (2 years) yesterday breastfeeding Lil' B.  We woke up yesterday on her birthday and went through our normal routine.  I snuggled my baby one last time while breastfeeding her on her second birthday knowing that it would be our last time.  When we finished our morning session I told her sweetly that it was her birthday and that she was a big girl now and that boobies were for babies.  I asked if she wanted to 'kiss them goodbye' and she gave them both a sweet little peck and waved goodbye.  This morning when we woke up I didn't say anything to her about milk or boobies.  She asked me once while I was changing her diaper about the milk and I told her that I would be happy to pour her a big girl cup of milk if she liked.  She said "OK" and that was the last she asked about milk today. It's been quite an emotional week with all the changes with day care and her birthday but I feel so much better that she didn't this change didn't upset her.  We've gone a ... [ Read More ]

Wordless Wednesday

Bailey_Birthday_TWO_010411 (28)

Have you ever known me to go 'wordless' with my pictures? NO!  Lil' B loved her baby doll diaper that I got her from Etsy (more on that later) and the one that I made her.  She kept saying "baby poo poo" and changing her baby.  It was precious.  It was a great ending to our day.  Day care update:  The first day went well but I had forgotten about one 'joy' that comes along with day care...the meltdown period when she gets home!  My son would do this too but when they get home they want to be held the entire time and are on the verge of total, complete, meltdown city!  It was a long night filled with birthday cupcakes, presents, and lots of tears.  I was so tired from yesterday that I was asleep in bed at 9:30pm - no blogging, very little tweeting, and no time for a glass of wine!  Maybe it was mommy who had the meltdown! LOL!  I wanted to thank all of my friends who provided me with tweets and FB comments of support yesterday.  I really needed it.  And to my real life ... [ Read More ]

Wordless Wednesday (iPhone edition)

724 days

724 days and counting! Sadly though we've decided that we are going to retire the booby on her 2nd birthday - which is NEXT week!  Not sure who's going to take this hardest; her or I?  But it's time...for us. ... [ Read More ]

Last night nursing? Or not?


I just laid Lil' B down to bed at her Grandma's and in the morning I will leave her for a week. I will nurse one more time in the morning and then I will (hopefully) pump once a day until I see her again. Will she still ask for it in a week? Or will she have moved on? Is this my last evening session - or will there be more? Only time - and my 17 month old - will tell. ... [ Read More ]

A Time to Wean…or Keep Going?

Lil' B is now 17 months and 3 days old and is still proudly breastfeeding a few times a day.  While she's with the sitter during the day she gets regular cows milk, water, or juice but when she's home with me she usually asks for mommy! I started offering her sippy cups when we are having meals or when we go out in public - just because it's easier than dealing with questions over breastfeeding my toddler.  While I'm extremely proud of where I am today I'm not really in the mood to defend my right as a mother and provider.  Next week hubby and I will be traveling without the kiddos for 4 days - and I'm wondering if I should officially wean?  This morning while she was breastfeeding she reached for her sippy cup that happened to be sitting next to the bed!  She would alternate between the two - boob and sippy - until it was time to get up and dressed for another day.  It was kinda funny actually to see her holding the sippy while nursing!  She thinks she's a big girl when she gets ... [ Read More ]

500 Days of Breastfeeding – and counting…


A letter to my darling tot - Today is a day of celebration - you are 501 days old!  For 501 days I have watched you grow from this tiny baby into this blossoming, beautiful, independent little spit fire!  Each day you wake looking up at me while you fill your belly with the milk that God gave you - I can only imagine what you are thinking about as you grab my hair and twirl it around your tiny fingers.  And each day as you go play with your friends and explore the world around you I know that you will come home to me - only to look up at me once more as you fill your belly with that same mommies milk.  You may not be able to vocalize your thoughts but your eyes tell me the stories of your adventures.  And each evening I love how you press your body against my chest and doze off to slumber - resting your tired body on mine - dreaming of another tomorrow.  I'm thankful to God everyday that he made you and provided us with this opportunity to build our bonds with one another.  I'm ... [ Read More ]