Bottled Water vs Filtered Water

Filtered Water cooler

It's a very rare occasion when anyone in my house drinks store bought water from a bottle.  I have never understood the point of buying water when I already pay for it at home.  When we are ready to go out we fill up our reusable water bottles or cups and we can refill them wherever we go.  Really, it couldn't be much easier. I've never actually considered the environmental impact of the office water cooler though.  You know the ones I'm talking about - the water cooler that everyone congregates around to take a break at the office.  The one with the big plastic jug of water that goes gurgle, gurgle as you fill your little paper cup of water.  I mean, it is a large plastic bottle but I just assumed they could turn those back in and reuse them.  Sure that may be an option but I never really thought about the other resources that are used to bring those plastic bottles to the office and where exactly are they getting this water from?  Is it filtered water or just plain ole' tap ... [ Read More ]