The Other Side – The Basics of Going Green


I want to take a moment and thank The Eco Chic for allowing me to write what I think—without editing. Last week, I wrote about breastfeeding; why I didn’t and my feelings about it. After I wrote it and emailed it to her, I thought she’s call me and say, “no way” and that my guest posting would be over but she is letting me speak freely yet again! Thank you Eco Chic! I also want to say thanks to all of The Eco Chic’s readers. Nobody responded with negativity. I truly thought I would get comments full of hatred – like I see in the on-line forums and I didn’t get that at all. I appreciate to supportive responses and comments. Moving on…. this week, I want to talk about money. It is one of my favorite subjects. (The Eco Chic added commentary - Mama M is actually an accountant so she loves to talk about money!) Confession time: up until six months ago—I was one of those people. I bought magazines and as soon as I was done with them, I threw them in the trash. I bought a book; read ... [ Read More ]

Less Money, Less Stuff, Less Waste

There is one positive thing about a weak economy...less waste!  The Tampa Tribune wrote an article about how the landfills are receiving less waste and the idea that the weak economy could be a reason.  It makes since, we're buying less stuff therefore we have less stuff to throw away.  Not only are we buying less but we are using what we already have.  I know our family is more thoughtful about how we dispose of things we no longer need.  There is someone out there who can use our trash (most of it at least).  We've been using sites like Freecycle and Craigslist more and more.  And the items that I don't think will go on those sites I take to the local Salvation Army.  The county we live in reported a 16% decrease in the waste received at their solid waste landfill for 2008.  Sometimes a weak economy can have positive impacts on the environment and the way we take care of our belongings. ... [ Read More ]


I was so excited about this school year (being my sons first year in Elementary School) that I went and bought him a new lunchbox that hooks onto his backpack.  We bought it months ago and surprised him with it the week before school started.  I have been very curious about the bento box systems that are on the market these days too.  I thought I had found a solution to make his traditional lunchbox a bento box.  Laptop Lunches sells their inside containers individually without the outer box (even with the warning that they shouldn't be used without the outer box).  I carefully measured my sons lunchbox and the inside containers would fit perfectly.  So I ordered 2 sets (so we always have one clean) and I just opened the box.  I'm so disappointed!!!  The kits only have one lid for four containers.  I guess the way the actual system works the outer box acts as a lid for the others. can't even order individual lids.  On their website they explain why the no lids works for ... [ Read More ]

Greener Hotels

I frequent many different hotel brands during the year on business and I always look for their green initiatives.  So how can you help the hotels go green?  1.  If you are staying for more than a day you can reuse the towels and ask them not to change the sheets.  Just be sure to read the cards that tell you how to do this...for instance where I'm staying today (Embassy Suites) they ask you to keep the towel hanging if you want to use it again.  So don't leave it on the floor.  2.  Some hotels have switched from disposable cups to reusable cups.  This is a good thing...unless you make the news for having a horrible cleaning staff who doesn't really clean those glasses!  EEEKS!  So just heed my warning and wash them before you use them.  3.  Skip the newspaper if you aren't going to read it.  I get my news online these days and never open a newspaper unless I'm clipping coupons (which is rare).  So ask them NOT to deliver a paper to your room. 4.  Skip the mini-toiletries ... [ Read More ]

Waste, Part 2

Well I didn't get back from my trip until late last night so I didn't get to update you on my waste for the day.  I'm not sure this was the most representative day for me but I promised to follow-up.  So here is the rest of my waste from yesterday: Straw wrapper and straw (lunch) Less than 1/4 cup of uneaten food (lunch) 3-4 receipts One more boarding pass taco bell small bag, taco wrapper, 1 napkin, straw and wrapper (dinner) Now, like I said this is not a typical day.  I did however make a few changes to reduce my waste for the day.  1) I took an empty plastic water bottle home with me from the airport to recycle since the airport doesn't recycle, and  2) I didn't print a receipt at the gas station, who needs those anyways?  I would have to estimate that my trash combined for the whole day was less than 2 lbs, far below the daily average of 4lbs per person/per day.  I'm going to try this again tomorrow and compare it to my waste at home since it will be more ... [ Read More ]