Waste-Free Lunch Containers – Fun With Lunch Series

Eco-Friendly Lunch Boxes @TheEcoChic

Have a little fun with your kids lunches this year.  You don't have to spend hours creating beautiful Bento Boxes that look like Hello Kitty to make them fun.  Your kids will love the little touches and I promise, you can do this in less than 5 minutes! In the first part of this series I'm sharing some of my favorite waste-free lunch containers. Note: Some of the products featured in this post have been sent to me free for review.  Others I have purchased myself. I'm sharing them with you because I reach for these first before anything else in my collection. Waste-Free Lunch Containers: Let's talk about the containers for a minute because the container alone can make for a fun lunch.  Laptop Lunches (affiliate link) are a complete Bento Box system with one large box with the 5 smaller boxes inside.  I love that they have both closed containers and containers that are open. They even have a tiny container that is perfect for sauces or dressings. Another great container ... [ Read More ]

Back to School with Bentos

Back to School with Bentos

Bento: a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine.  Bento's can be arranged in "kyaraben" style (character bento) to look like popular anime or comic book characters or they can be "oekakiben" (picture bento) style to look like people, animals, flowers, etc.  (Source: Wikipedia) In the US we can adapt traditional bento's to make lunch fun for our kids (and ourselves) using regular lunch ingredients with fun bento boxes and accessories.  It's a great way to encourage your kids to eat healthier and is so much more fun than PB&J.  My kids went back to school this week and it's been a fun project for us to do as a family to prepare for the next day of school. Basic supplies:  Reusable lunch containers.  Preferably BPA-free, metal, glass, or fabric.  Come in a variety of sizes and may be traditional bento style or our more modern "tupperware" type containers.  Some traditional bento boxes even come with stackable tiers for holding more ... [ Read More ]

Litter Free Lunches Will Wipe Your Face

Giveaway Alert!  Litter Free Lunches is giving TWO lucky readers their very own set (of 5) of reusable cloth napkins.  (Valued at $19.99 each)  ECO-ngratulations to Tamara and Bonggamom!  You are winners! Who can tell me what material makes up the most of our trash each day?  PAPER!  One of the easiest ways to reduce our paper waste is by switching to reusable napkins, especially in our children's lunches.  It is estimated that if a family of 4 replaces paper napkins with cloth napkins that they can save over $70 a year AND reduce their paper waste by 40 pounds. Litter Free Lunch is a company that was founded by a pair of moms in Illinois.  The offer a full line of napkins, including their newest, an organic cotton set.  Each set of napkins is made in the USA.  They are made of 100% cotton (or organic cotton) and measure 12" X 12" in size.  Each individual napkin has a sewn-in label with space for you to write your child's name.  The napkins are machine washable.  In addition to ... [ Read More ]

Waste-Free Lunch Kits from Kids Konserve


Reader Special! Purchase anything from Kids Konserve from now until the end of Sept. 09 and save 15% using coupon code ecochic. If you read my post earlier about Waste-Free Lunches you will know that I have been working on making our own lunches more waste free.  The best place to start is with the lunch box which is the easy step.  How about taking it one step further and purchase a complete waste-free lunch kit? Kids Konserve is a company right here in the USA that sells these cute lunch kits complete with lunch sack, cloth napkin, stainless steel beverage bottle, food cozy and 2 stainless steel food containers.  The complete kits start at $40 or you can purchase each item individually.  The signature lunch kits have a cotton sack while some of their newer lunch sacks are made from 100% recycled water bottles.  My favorite item in each kit is the Food Cozy.  These reusable, food-grade wraps are a good alternative to baggies and plastic wrap.  They can be sealed with a strip ... [ Read More ]

My Boy and His Waste-Free Munchler

Meadow Muchler

In honor of my son's first week back to school I have dedicated the entire week to Waste-Free Lunches!  This week will feature great tips for sending your child off to school while treading lightly on the Earth.  When parents go school shopping they are really good about getting their child a brand new lunch box but what goes inside the box?  Single use baggies, aluminum foil, waxed paper, pre-packaged & individual serving snacks and meals, disposable forks & spoons, paper napkins, juice pouches...you get the picture!  It is estimated that the average elementary school age child produces 67 lbs of waste per year from disposable lunches alone!  These disposable items aren't cheap on the pocket book either!  Here are some tips to help reduce your grocery bill and your footprint! 1.  Purchase a durable, reusable lunch box.  The days of paper bags are long gone, your child wants a cool and hip reusable lunch box or bag!  Check out one of my sons new lunch bags, the Meadow ... [ Read More ]