50 Questions Answered – Vlog Style

A blogger friend of mine (Jen from Me, Myself and Jen) tagged me to answer 50 questions about myself, so I decided to answer them in a vlog!  I hope you don't get too annoyed with the prancing pug who's making clicking noises as he walks around the living room.  I really need to get him some puppy socks! If you want to watch this video directly on YouTube: http://youtu.be/gAzvacx58nk After filming this I realized that I'm pretty boring and don't have a lot of "favorites!"  I also don't remember too many things. What questions do you still have for me?  Anything you'd like me to answer?  Just ask in the comments. I'm also tagging Jenny, Kim, and Maria to answer 50 things about themselves!  Can't wait to hear your responses. ... [ Read More ]

Breastfeeding & the Cover Me Strap Review

I hope you enjoy my first video blog (vlog) and bear with me as I learn new tools.  Today I wanted to give you a quick review of the new Cover Me Strap. For more information on the Cover Me Strap please visit: www.covermestrap.com What did you think of my vlog?  Want to see more?  Share you tips and suggestions with me if you've done a vlog before.  Thanks! ... [ Read More ]