Welcome to my newest app addiction – Vine!

Vine Profile

As I was settling into bed last night I do what I do every night; I opened up Instagram.  Then I saw it - a few of my followers starting sharing their Vine profiles.  What's Vine?  What's #vineapp?  What's all this chatter I see on Instagram. Of course I do what every good social media junkie does - go to iTune and search for Vine.  I actually had 3 different "Vine" apps come up so I had to figure out which one they were talking about.  Vine - Make a scene, by Vine Labs.  It appears that this app was just released by Twitter actually and combines all of the things I love about Twitter and Instagram with a twist; 6 second videos! Once you create an account (I linked mine to my Twitter account to keep my profiles consistent) you can start following your friends and have them follow you back.  It looks very similar to Instagram (but green) with a place to "like" a post and leave comments on posts. The thing that makes Vine different is that it's not photos but videos.  Short, six ... [ Read More ]

Copy Kids – How to get your kids to eat fruits and vegetables

Copy Kids DVD Review

Do you ever wonder how other parents get their kids to eat their fruits and vegetables?  They copy what they see around them. My parents raised my brother and I to always try what was on the table.  We didn't have to like it but we had to try it.  I will have to admit I didn't always like that my mom made me try things but as a parent I appreciate it even more.  We don't cook different meals for our kids - they have to eat what we are cooking.  Sometimes that means salmon, veggie pizza, and other random goodies! Does it always work?  No, but they are more adventurous in their food choices because of it.  My son grew up loving avocado when I had never even tried it.  Now it's a staple food in our pantry and we all eat it.  My daughter eats raw onions, peppers, and just about any food you put in front of her (including sushi and wasabi - no joke!).  Just last night I made an asparagus pizza and there weren't any leftovers for lunch today. When I received an email from the ... [ Read More ]

How To Cloth Diaper Video by The Willow Store

How many times have you wished there was a video that would tell you everything you wanted to know about how to cloth diaper?  I know it would have been helpful for me when I got started using cloth diapers to have someone answer all my questions for me. Catherine from The Willow Store has been secretly working on the very first cloth diapering instructional video and it is available for pre-order right now!  The video will answer some of the popular cloth diapering questions like: Why should I cloth diaper? How do I cloth diaper? Can you explain the basics of cloth diapering? How do I wash cloth diapers? How do I potty train with cloth diapers? What do all these cloth diapering terms mean? And it will even provide you with a brief history of diapers! Here is a the trailer to the Diapering Today video.  (Link if you aren't able to watch the embedded version below - http://youtu.be/N6HWR-t0pSw)   The Diapering Today video is available for pre-order today ... [ Read More ]

#BlogHerROCKS the Video

I recorded some of my new friends as they shared their excitement about trying Rockin' Green Soap.  I was surprised by how many of the cloth diapering mama's that I met have never used Rockin' Green.   Watch video on YouTube Footnote:  I am not really a great videographer or editor but if you're interested all of this was done using my iPhone 3gs and Windows Movie Maker.  Not bad for a rookie! Special thanks to Rockin’ Green for sponsoring my trip to BlogHer ’11.  Rockin’ Green is a natural laundry detergent designed especially for use with cloth diapers but can also be used on regular laundry too.  In addition to using Rockin’ Green for laundry there are hundreds of different uses for this soap.  Be sure to sign up for 52 Weeks of Clean where they share a new tip for using Rockin’ Green around your home.  For more information about Rockin’ Green visit them on the Web, Facebook, and on Twitter. ... [ Read More ]

The Great Cloth Diaper Change – Video

Video production by Kim of Dirty Diaper Laundry. For more information on the Great Cloth Diaper Change be sure to follow them on Facebook. Looking for more cloth diapering resources and tips?  Visit my cloth diapering archives, follow me on Facebook, and on Twitter. ... [ Read More ]

My Funny Valentine…

Why dancing babies? Because they are all in cloth diapers dancing to get Ellen's attention.  #OperationFluffy is underway and we (cloth diaper moms) are trying to get Ellen to have a featured show on cloth diapers!  I mean who can resist all this cuteness?  How to join #OperationFluffy: 1.  Watch the video and share it with everyone you know!  Tweet it, Facebook It, Stumble It, Email It, you name it!  We want the world to see our cute cloth diaper dancing babies! 2.  Join the Facebook page dedicated to #OperationFluffy, I want to get cloth diapers on The Ellen Show! 3.  Tweet about #OperationFluffy and share pics of your own kids in cloth diapers. 4.  Read more about #OperationFluffy on Dirty Diaper Laundry blog and follow @KimRosas on Twitter for updates! OK, Ellen...we really want you to see all these cute fluffy bums in person! So give us a call, tweet, or email!  Thanks!!! ... [ Read More ]