Healthier to you Potato and Ham Soup Recipe

Today has been a lot about food to me.  I've been PMS'ing B-I-G time today and incredibly moody.  When this happens I tend to redirect my moodiness to something creative.  Today I've been cooking up a storm - and trying to be healthy. Now - before you get all excited - I'm not one of those New Year's resolution kind of gals.  I've never really worried about my weight too much and never really had to diet.  However, as you reach mid-thirty (I mean 29) your metabolism does slow down.  The hubs has been eating healthy and exercising for about a year now and looks younger and more fit than the day we met.  I've been on the all-you-can-eat-breastfeeding diet for two years now and haven't really cared too much about what I put into my body.  Sure it has to be healthy because I'm feeding Lil B as well - but I've never been overly concerned with watching my figure.  So I eat chocolate (alot), drink sodas (less than I use to), and love CHEESE!  Yesterday we made our traditional ham, ... [ Read More ]

Love Your Veggies!!


  I had to share a little press release with the blogging world.   My mom is the cafeteria manager for Triangle Elementary and worked really hard to submit her very first grant...and WON!!!  She and the other staff at the elementary school will be greening their school lunch program with VEGGIES!  One of the teachers at the school has a garden planted, mom has invested in some hydroponics machines, and they are kicking off the start of the Love Your Veggies grant program next week at their school.  By the start of the school year this fall the entire program will be in place and the kids will have the opportunity to TRY new veggies at school.  I am so proud of my momma!  Getting kids to eat healthy is an important step in helping the environment!  For some great recipes you can use for your own kids be sure to visit the Love Your Veggies link above.  Triangle Elementary School Awarded $10,000 Grant   Grant to provide students with increased access to fresh fruits and ... [ Read More ]