Happy Valentine’s Day from The Eco Chic


How was your Valentine's Day?  Mine was very low key and relaxed.  I've been battling a cold for a few days and have lost my voice, can't breath through my nose, and am generally pitiful.  Hubby and I don't normally exchange big gifts on Valentine's Day but he always does something special.  Today was really cute and unusual.  He got me a candy bouquet in a small white vase.  Each 'flower' is a different hard candy in red, pink, or white wrapper.  He also sent me a tweet and a Facebook message at midnight so I would see it when I woke up.  He knows me so well. I am such a slacker (that combined with the way that I feel) that I didn't even get him a card.  But I did make breakfast for him...his favorite...grits, eggs, and bacon!  He didn't seem to mind that there was no card or Hallmark inspired gift. My son got some wonderfully yummy chocolate treats.  While I am very eco-friendly around the house our food selections don't really follow suite.  I only buy organic food on rare ... [ Read More ]

Five Things I Don’t Want You to Know

My husband and I have a great relationship but like all spouses we pick on each others weaknesses when we get frustrated. This weekend he picked on my green weaknesses so I decided to turn it into a blog post. (Love you huney!) Whether you are green-minded or not you will appreciate knowing that I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be. While I am The Eco Chic that doesn't mean that I am always living the perfect green life. I am human and there is no way that I will ever be 100% green. Our current lifestyle just does not allow for me to do everything to the greenest level possible. Like most parents out there I have real life responsibilities such as a career, a family, kids, house work, church, extra curricular activities, and so much more to juggle each day...being green is just one aspect of my life. Five Things I Don't Want You to Know About Me: 1. I'm a lazy recycler and I don't recycle everything. We pay to have our recyclables picked up once a week where we live. I am ... [ Read More ]

My Laundry is Rockin’ Green


Since today is laundry day at the Eco Chic household it's only fitting that I write a post about Rockin' Green Soap.  Washing cloth diapers is probably one of the most intimidating elements of using cloth.  The manufactures are very specific about what NOT to use when washing their diapers and what will void their warranties.  What they don't always tell you is exactly what you CAN use.  Since I primarily use Bum Genius I'll use them as an example.  The manufacturer recommendations say to use a detergent that is free of dyes, enzymes, perfumes, whiteners and brighteners.  Hmmm.... You can understand why I was so excited to find a detergent formulated specifically for cloth diapers!  Rockin' Green Soap meets all of the manufactures recommendations AND MORE!  Rockin' Green is vegan so even my best friend can use it to wash her clothes :)!  Rockin' Green is phosphate free which makes it...well....GREEN!  Green as in eco-friendly, since phosphates can add unwanted nutrients back into ... [ Read More ]