EcoStoreUSA Scores AWESOME on Skin Deep

Are there products out there that you just can't get enough of? Products or brands that you HAVE to have in your house? Products that you whole-heartedly stand behind? I know it's hard to tell when a blogger really likes a product because they were given the product for free - or because they REALLY like the product - like it enough where they would spend money to replace it if it were empty! I REALLY love EcoStoreUSA!  I was first introduced to them in March 2009 right after Lil' B was born and I'm still in love!  You can read all my previous mentions of EcoStoreUSA by visiting the archives (  Here are some NEW reasons to love EcoStoreUSA: - They are now made in the USA!  They now manufacture products in their Michigan facility so it no longer has to be shipped from New Zealand.  - Four baby products (baby wash, nappy balm, sleepytime bath, and moisturizer) have earned a score of 0-1 on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Review by the ... [ Read More ]