The Pros and Cons of Strollers at Disney (or any place really)

Strollers at Disney

  Strollers!  I actually listed strollers as one of the 10 things you can leave off your baby registry and got a bunch of feedback from my readers.  Some of you agreed with me while others disagreed.  I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about strollers and some of the pros and cons of using them at Disney or anyplace you are traveling to during your day. My family has never been a big stroller family.  We don't live in a town where we can walk to the town.  The only place I could walk to would be around the neighborhood - not really all that exciting.  We're not big shoppers or mall rats.  We did have a stroller that we got when my first was born but it sat in the garage for almost 10 years and was only used about 10-20 times over those 10 years.  When my kids were little we tried to travel with the stroller and we did venture to the mall a few times.  We quickly learned that the big stroller was not right - for us!  We did however use our cheap umbrella strollers (we ... [ Read More ]

What I Packed for a Trip to Paradise

An Awesome Husband

I've been teasing you for about a week now and it's time to reveal our vacation.  If you've followed me on Twitter and Instagram you may have figured it out by now.  My hubby and I escaped for 4 days to Turks & Caicos! I know it still sounds amazing!  I can't believe it's already over and we're back home enduring the flooding rains of Tropical Storm Debby (you can see how we're faring the storm on Instagram - lots of flooding). Before I left I asked what you would pack for 4 days on an Island with no kids!  I had some great suggestions including: anything white, nothing, and alcohol!  In the end here are some of the items I packed for the trip. White clothes!  You know, those one's you don't wear around the kids because they will end up with grubby little hand prints in 5 minutes!  I packed my favorite white shorts (worn twice) and a pair of white capris (which didn't get worn). String bikini!  Yes, the one with ties!  My kids would have me naked on the beach in 2 ... [ Read More ]

Tips for Traveling with Cloth Diapers


With Thanksgiving and the holiday season quickly approaching I thought I would share with you some tips on traveling with cloth diapers.  I've written about traveling with cloth before but as I get more experienced I change my suggestions a bit.  Here are some recommendations and tips: Tips for Traveling with Cloth Diapers By car: This mode of transportation is the easiest way to travel with cloth diaper because the only limiting factor is how much available space you have left in your car after you've packed all of your luggage.  As you already know, babies require a LOT of extra luggage depending upon what resources are available at your destination.  Any type of cloth diapers can be packed when traveling by car and you can stuff them in any open space that is left.  I found that reusable shopping bags from the grocery store are a good method for packing cloth diapers by car because they are open and easy to access when you need to grab a diaper. By air: Traveling by air can be ... [ Read More ]

Lessons learned while traveling with kids, dogs, and spouses


Observations from the road trip: 1- My son can't say 'pecan' or 'cotton' properly! Even being raised in the South he must not hear me say them much. At 8yrs old he says the 'pekin' and 'coddin' - I need to record him saying them. 2. Why are pecan trees always spaced out so evenly in rows? 3. When traveling with a dog your only options for food is fast food and I'm SICK of fast food!! I'm dying for a real meal!! The closest I got was a Wendy's baked potato; however they forgot to put the butter in the bag so even that didn't satisfy me. 4. Kids can fall asleep anywhere! 5. I don't like driving my husbands car because the left arm rest is too high and is uncomfortable. Since he drove most of the trip I'm not complaining. 6. Foursquare thinks my husband's my BFF because we spent the last 3 days checking in together. Awe! 7. Cars need to come with power strips these days! We had a total six items all fighting for the 2 plugs in the car. 8. My kids get along sooooo ... [ Read More ]

A Day in Pictures – BlogHer ’11

View from Hotel

It's way too early for iPhone photos but here are my best friend and I on the plane at 6am ET. View from our room at BlogHer '11.  Marriott Marquis & Marina - San Diego The packages that arrived from our #HauteGreen Sponsors The fish taco restaurant that it took us an hour to reach on public transportation because our stop was closed for construction. The shrimp and tuna tacos were worth the trip! Did you know I love baseball?  Enjoying  a Padres (v Dodgers) game with my hubby! I'm only awake because of the Starbucks I had before we got there but this is us after a day of traveling. The Gaslamp District - across from the Convention Center & Hotel. And that is how we spent day 1 (arrival day) in San Diego for BlogHer.  I'm sure I won't see my hubby much after this afternoon once I find all my blogger friends so it was nice to have a day with him and our friends before the madness begins.  I got a pretty good amount of sleep but I still woke up at 6am PST so ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Getaways Florida – Ichetucknee Springs


The past few weekends we've ventured out of comfort zone (pool, beach, shopping at Target, etc) and visited parts of Florida that we wouldn't normally visit.  We've gone outside and enjoyed the natural beauty that surrounds us and haven't had to go very far.  I'm hoping this new trend will continue and we'll see more natural Florida with the kids. Last weekends trip was to Ichetucknee Springs (don't ask me to say it because I butcher it and sound like a redneck!) in Fort White, FL near the Florida/Georgia border.  From the State Parks website: The crystalline Ichetucknee River flows six miles through shaded hammocks and wetlands before it joins the Santa Fe River. The pictures show just how crystalline the water is but it doesn't show you how cold it is!  Year round 73F - which for Florida water is down right FREEZING!  You loose your breath when you jump in but you feel so alive! A picture of the Blue Hole - you can actually dive down inside the hole (I didn't attempt ... [ Read More ]

Moon Set

I've watched many sunrises and sunsets but I can honestly say that I experienced my first 'moon set' while on vacation. Shortly after takeoff I looked out the plane window and noticed the most beautiful full moon over the water.  The reflexion was a pale red on the water and the sky was dark.  Noting else was visible. To my right side I could see the sun rising through the clouds.  The colors were pale orange, pink, purple, and blue. I shifted my eyes back to the moon which looked bigger and brighter than it had before.  As time passed the sky shifted from black to navy as the moon slowly lowered in the sky.  A few moments later the moon changed colors from bright white to an intense ball of fire.  The intensity grew stronger as the sun rose on the other side of the plane. Then slowly and softly the moon sunk lower and lower in the sky until it was barely visible in the dawn sky. ...and then the sun rose and the moon set. I love watching the world from the plane ... [ Read More ]

More Tips for Traveling With Cloth Diapers

cruise ship

Day 4: Have cloth, will travel (most of the time)! With the holidays fast approaching you may be curious about how to travel with your cloth diapers.  I'm going to be honest with you - there are times when we've chosen NOT to take our cloth diapers with us.  We are a very mobile and active family and we've mastered traveling with kids.  We haven't mastered traveling with cloth diapers though - but that doesn't mean I'm giving up either.  I kinda like the challenge but only when it doesn't send me into a panic attack. The easiest trips of course are the day trips.  Going to the mall, the grocery store, out to dinner, to play groups, church, etc.  Packing a cloth diaper diaper bag for a day is really no different than packing a disposable diaper bag. Day trip packing list: small wet bag (zippered works best) cloth diapers (number depends on length of trip) wipes (either disposable or cloth - we'll talk about wipes another day) changing pad change of clothes The only ... [ Read More ]

10 Reasons to Breastfeed


Today marks the 578th day of breastfeeding my little tot!  Well to be clear - I'm not actually breastfeeding her today because she is at Camp Grandma/Grandma while I am flying (yes - right now) to NYC for #BlogHer10!  But - we are still breastfeeding and my pump (Thanks Hygeia) is packed securely inside my luggage. Many of you may remember the adventures I had while traveling to Miami for a week - without a tot - and without my handy pump!  I had a mommy moment while packing then and left the pump in my closet all alone!  Enter my introduction to hand expression and jokes from my hubby and friends! There was a question as to whether I should continue to breastfeed when I returned or let her be weened since she had been off mommy milk for a whole week.  Two hours after our reunion she kindly asked for mommy - and I couldn't say no. Once again - I will continue to pump while away and I'll let her decide if it's time to ween or not.  It seems almost fitting that she would ween ... [ Read More ]