Last Minute Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Kids

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Are you looking for one more gift for your toddler or small child?  Looking for a cute stocking stuffer?  Here are a few items that my kids (or I) would love to unwrap on Christmas morning. iPieces Air Hockey - I found this several months ago while attending the BlogHer conference.  You download an app on your iPhone or iPad to use with these game pieces.  It instantly turns your iPad into an air hockey rink!  Kids and adults will love this game.  I just wish it had a small carrying bag so I wouldn't lose the pieces. Handstand Kids Cookbook Kits - If you have a young child who likes to help out in the kitchen this would be a fun gift to add for them.  In addition to the cookbook the kit also includes some kid sized kitchen tools.  Both my son and daughter would love one of these. Jellystone Designs Owl Pendant - Do you have an owl fan in your family?  Kids and adults will enjoy this adorable pendant.  Moms can use it for teething babies.  Older kids will enjoy showing off ... [ Read More ]

Do You Have an Eco-Princess?

Eco Princess Play Makeup

Lil' B is almost 4 now and everyday I see her trying to be more like me.  She loves putting on her "lipstick" (it's actually a tube of chapstick) and is always asking me to put makeup on her while I'm getting ready in the morning.  I'm not ready for my toddler to wear makeup!! I refuse to buy her the play makeup kits that you can find in the toy departments because they are probably laced with toxic chemicals.  I've read several places that 60% of what we put on our skins is actually absorbed into our bodies; how scary is that?  You can imagine how excited I was when I heard about Eco Princess Organics' line of all natural and organic play makeup. From the Eco Princess website: Created by a mom who got fed up with all the highly toxic kid's makeup sets. Eco princess is a line of all natural and organic mineral makeup designed just for kids. Each kit contains: two eye shadows 3 g each, one blush 3 g, pink shimmer lip balm, water based nail polish and two applicators. Purses ... [ Read More ]

Teaching Toddlers With Cloth Diapers

Teaching Toddlers Using Cloth Diapers

The great thing about using cloth diapers is there are so many teachable moments with your kids.  My oldest (almost 9) is very aware of the environmental benefits of using cloth diapers.  He listens to me more than I'm aware because he can answer some of the questions my husbands asks me about laundry.  I often wonder what my toddler will remember about her cloth diapering days when she gets older.  What lessons will she learn from our cloth diapering days? 5 Activities You Can Teach Your Toddlers Using Cloth Diapers Colors - you can use the different colors in cloth diapers to teach your toddler their colors.... read the rest of the tips you'll need to visit the Kelly Wels blog where I shared this guest post as a Cloth Diaper Ambassador.   ... [ Read More ]

5 Steps to Successful Potty Training


To read more about these 5 Steps for Successful Potty Training you'll have to visit the Kelly Wels blog; where I am one of the Cloth Diaper Ambassadors.  I'm already planning a potty training series for later this month that will discuss the training pants that are available on the market today and some ugly truths about potty training.  I hope you'll follow me and learn more about the Cloth Diaper Ambassador team. ... [ Read More ]

The Light at the End of the Potty Training Tunnel

Yes, I think I see the light at the end of this very long potty training tunnel.  It's been a really good week for us. School: This past week she made it almost every day in the same outfit.  The only time she had accidents were near misses when she made it to the bathroom but missed the toilet.  I think she's even making it through nap time dry! Home: We're getting there.  We still struggle with the post-school, dinner time, witching hour! I think she had accidents almost every night right before dinner because we're just so busy getting dinner ready that we forget to remind her. Out and About: This past Friday I decided to drive up to my parents (about 2 hours away).  I put a diaper cover over her big girl panties in case we had an accident in the car.  When we got to our destination she was DRY! I think I was a little shocked and extremely proud!  We're still sleeping in a diaper (don't think we're there yet).  She's GREAT at going potty before bedtime because it's a ... [ Read More ]

Potty Training?! Potty Trained?! The Saga Continues…

**In my whispering voice so I don't jinx myself** I swear if you would have asked me 6 months ago if I would STILL be potty training my daughter I would have said you were crazy!  My regular readers may remember our last 4 posts about potty training have all been negative.  Today I think I'm seeing the light at the end of the very long tunnel - we're on Day 2 of no daytime diapers! Monday Lil' B started her new big girl class at preschool so I thought I would try to be a little more consistent with our training efforts at home. Yesterday I asked her if she wanted to wear her big girl panties to school and she said yes.  Just like all of our other failed attempts I sent her to school with both diapers, panties, and 2 spare outfits expecting her to come home in a different outfit.  I was shocked when she came walking through the door yesterday wearing the same outfit and the same panties and no dirty diapers. Having gained a little bit of confidence I decided to let her be a ... [ Read More ]

Cloth Diapers and Early Potty Training

Cloth Diaper Challenge

Day 11 - Early Potty Learning!  That's right - cloth diapering can lead to early potty learning compared to babies in disposable diapers. It's hard for me to grasp that my little baby girl will be turning two on January 4th (2011).  My baby is no longer a little baby; she is a full blown toddler.  We've had the potty seat out for quite some time now so she is comfortable with it when the time comes.  For a few months now she's let me know that she's peed or pooped but hasn't really been able to tell me before it happened.  It's not usually hard to tell when a toddler is in the process of pooping - sneaking away to be alone, standing completely still, making strange faces, holding their breath, and just a few other obvious signs. The last few days we've made some great progress though - mostly on the poop front.  About once a day she asks to go to the potty where she will mostly just sit there and read her books and wait for someone to give her a mini-marshmallow (her little prize ... [ Read More ]

Eco-Holiday Quick Picks 2010


  Do you have an eco-junkie to buy for this year?   Know someone who doesn't like stuff?   Looking for something non-toxic to get a special child?   Here are my top eco-holiday quick picks - with something special for everyone on your list.   1. Itsabelly Guide to Going Green With Baby - By Melissa Moog & Jennifer Lo Prete   2.  aden + anais Organic Muslin Swaddlers - Lil's blankie of choice is now available in even more varieties and colors.  3.  Global Green Pals - These eco-friendly dolls will become your child's new best friend.   4.  Piggy Paint - Project Earth - Safe nail polish for that tween in your life - now is Glow in the Dark too!  Use coupon code ECO10L to save 10% on anything at Piggy Paint through December 31, 2010. 5.  One Life Jewelry - A personal favorite homemade from a friend down the street from me whom I don't talk to enough. XOXO!  6.  Recycled Koby Jewelry - Made special for TerraCycle from 100% recycled silver by Canadian jeweler, Arthur ... [ Read More ]

500 Days of Breastfeeding – and counting…


A letter to my darling tot - Today is a day of celebration - you are 501 days old!  For 501 days I have watched you grow from this tiny baby into this blossoming, beautiful, independent little spit fire!  Each day you wake looking up at me while you fill your belly with the milk that God gave you - I can only imagine what you are thinking about as you grab my hair and twirl it around your tiny fingers.  And each day as you go play with your friends and explore the world around you I know that you will come home to me - only to look up at me once more as you fill your belly with that same mommies milk.  You may not be able to vocalize your thoughts but your eyes tell me the stories of your adventures.  And each evening I love how you press your body against my chest and doze off to slumber - resting your tired body on mine - dreaming of another tomorrow.  I'm thankful to God everyday that he made you and provided us with this opportunity to build our bonds with one another.  I'm ... [ Read More ]