How To Cloth Diaper Video by The Willow Store

How many times have you wished there was a video that would tell you everything you wanted to know about how to cloth diaper?  I know it would have been helpful for me when I got started using cloth diapers to have someone answer all my questions for me. Catherine from The Willow Store has been secretly working on the very first cloth diapering instructional video and it is available for pre-order right now!  The video will answer some of the popular cloth diapering questions like: Why should I cloth diaper? How do I cloth diaper? Can you explain the basics of cloth diapering? How do I wash cloth diapers? How do I potty train with cloth diapers? What do all these cloth diapering terms mean? And it will even provide you with a brief history of diapers! Here is a the trailer to the Diapering Today video.  (Link if you aren't able to watch the embedded version below -   The Diapering Today video is available for pre-order today ... [ Read More ]