An Earth Day Award…to My Mom!


I received an email about halfway through the day yesterday from my mom asking me to give her a call at work.  Of course I picked up the phone and called to see what was up.  She was super excited and all bubbly about another email she sent me (which I didn't see yet).  I quickly opened my email to find this link: Congratulations to Triangle Elementary School, the National Winner (in the TerraCycle Drink Pouch Derby)! My mom is the cafeteria manager at Triangle Elementary School and a few years back implemented a recycling/upcycling program for drink pouches.  Part of their school nutrition program is a free breakfast program for their students which includes a drink pouch with every breakfast.  With over 500 students in the school you can imagine the kind of waste this creates.  Instead of trashing the pouches, she decided to start a TerraCycle collection program and earn points (to redeem for cash) for the cafeteria.  It's not a small undertaking cleaning out several hundred ... [ Read More ]

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Kids

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Are you looking for one more gift for your toddler or small child?  Looking for a cute stocking stuffer?  Here are a few items that my kids (or I) would love to unwrap on Christmas morning. iPieces Air Hockey - I found this several months ago while attending the BlogHer conference.  You download an app on your iPhone or iPad to use with these game pieces.  It instantly turns your iPad into an air hockey rink!  Kids and adults will love this game.  I just wish it had a small carrying bag so I wouldn't lose the pieces. Handstand Kids Cookbook Kits - If you have a young child who likes to help out in the kitchen this would be a fun gift to add for them.  In addition to the cookbook the kit also includes some kid sized kitchen tools.  Both my son and daughter would love one of these. Jellystone Designs Owl Pendant - Do you have an owl fan in your family?  Kids and adults will enjoy this adorable pendant.  Moms can use it for teething babies.  Older kids will enjoy showing off ... [ Read More ]

TerraCycle’s Garbage Moguls Returns Saturday 8/21/10 to National Geographic

In honor of Trash to Treasure Thursday, this week I'm super excited to bring you the latest and greatest news from TERRACYCLE!  In April, TerraCycle debuted Garbage Moguls on the National Geograpic Channel - a series of television shows that documented the zany antics of the TerraCycle crew as they develop new products from our garbage. This Saturday, National Geographic will be airing the pilot along with three brand new episodes!  Set your DVR's - plan a night in with friends - but don't forget to watch Garbage Moguls this Saturday night.  The fun begins at 7pm ET as they replay the original pilot episode, followed at 8pm's Pet Project, 9pm's Fishy Business, and at 10pm pull an All-Nighter with the TerraCycle crew.  Below is a clip from the 9pm Fishy Business episode where they Tom and Alby visit a plant in Ohio that turns 500 chip bags into a brand new trash can and pitch the idea to the Home Depot team in Atlanta.  Be sure to join the TerraCycle preview party LIVE on ... [ Read More ]

How Can I Recycle…


Giveaway alert! See bottom of post to enter to win a Go Green Trio from Litter Free Lunch. Giveaway ended. ECO-ngratulations mphin278. If I was a series type of blogger I would start a new series on 'How can I recycle...?'  But as you all know my regular columns don't EVER happen regularly!  LOL!  The question today is "How can I recycle sandwich bags and old plastic storage containers?" Kids across America have 2 choices at school these days.  1) Eat the cafeteria food (which my son actually enjoys), or 2) pack their lunch.  For kids (or parents) who opt to pack their lunches they can create about 67lbs of garbage each school yearfrom their lunchboxes alone!  Think about all those pre-packaged lunch kits, baggies, juice pouches, napkins, and plastic cutlery that they trash every day!  While some of these items might be recycleable most schools (at least where we are in FL) don't have established recycling programs in the cafeterias.  How many fundraisers does your kids school ... [ Read More ]

TerraCycle NOW at Wal-Mart

If you have been a reader of mine since the early days you may remember my love of TerraCycle.  If not, feel free to read some of my past posts about this great company.  And despite the foul associations that are sometimes given to Wal-Mart it is our closest store for those quick items that we all need.  Now if you mix TerraCycle and Wal-Mart together and what do you get? Great NEW TerraCycle products that can ONLY be found at EVERY Wal-Mart in the United States ONLY in April in honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day!  Can you hear me screaming here people?  This is fabulous!  As soon as they decide to fix the water main break that happened yesterday at our local Wal-Mart (which is undergoing some MAJOR renovations to bring us a Super Center!!) I am making a trip up there and will be taking pictures of the display to share with you all!  Look for it where their Easter Display use to be!  I think my kids might just be getting some new TerraCycle gifts for Earth Day this ... [ Read More ]

A Greener Little League??

This past Saturday was the closing day for Big B's Little League.  We don't usually spend much time at the park and rarely visit the concession stand but this weekend was different.  Halfway through the game Big B looked at the dugout coach and said "Look at all these bottles in the trash, why aren't they being recycled?"  Gotta love a 6 yr old who is more interested in recycling than the game.  Spending a whole day at the ball park I was in shock with the over flowing garbage cans of plastic bottles!  By noon all the trash cans were full and most of the content was bottles.  They obviously don't have a recycling program in place.  We're lucky though, this year we at least have trash cans in the dugouts.  Well since Little League is a volunteer organization I guess I've volunteered myself to a new pet project...setting up a recycling program for the league.  I can see so much potential.  I may even link the recycling program with a fundraiser.  Many teams bring drinks for the ... [ Read More ]

TerraCycle on TV

If you've been a regular here at The Eco Chic you know that I'm very fond of a company in New Jersey that is the king of upcycling.  TerraCycle takes our garbage and turns it into products that we can all use.  From reusing plastic bottles to package their worm poop fertilizer to reusing wine barrells by turning them into rain barrels TerraCycle really knows how to get creative with trash.  I was speaking with George over at TerraCycle this week and he sent me a link to their new show, Garbage Moguls, that aires on the National Geographic Channel the evening of Earth Day.  Check out this funny clip to see what it's all about.  I have my DVR set to record it since I'll be out of town.  ... [ Read More ]

Another TerraCycle Brigade

TerraCycle Wine Corkboard

TerraCycle Wine Corkboard If you are anything like me you probably open a bottle of wine (well at least before I got pregnant) and throw the cork in the trash.  I have a friend who saves them for a charity and another who just collects them for fun.  Well TerraCycle has a new use for them; they make corkboards from them.  I've seen kits where they sell you the frame and you add your own corks but this is already put together and ready for you to buy (available through Office Max this fall) and glue required.  I think this would make a great addition to a kitchen or office.  Participating in the Cork Brigade couldn't be any easier.  All you have to do is save your wine corks and send them to TerraCycle.  You don't have to sign up or anything...just send them in.  However, if you work at a restaurant or place that would collect over 200 wine corks you can sign up to receive a postage paid mailer.  Can you imagine how many wine corks could be saved from the landfill just by ... [ Read More ]

TerraCycle Tote Bag Winner…

And the winner is Belinda P!  Congratulations!  **An email will be sent to Belinda S. to claim her TerraCycle Drink Pouch tote bag within 7 days.   Belinda, if you do not receive an email from me please contact me with your mailing address at I wanted to thank all of you for your comments and subscriptions to TheEcoChic.  This was my best giveaway yet and I owe it to all of my readers.  Please keep reading and posting comments.  In addition, if you have not subscribed to receive TheEcoChic in your inbox please enter your email address in the FeedBurner box on the right.  A special thank you to TerraCycle for their product samples that made this giveaway possible.  If you haven't already please take a minute to visit TerraCycle and learn more about their amazing company.  They are a real inspiration for everyone! ... [ Read More ]

Last Day to Enter TerraCycle Giveaway!!!

Just a reminder that today is the last day to register to win your very own TerraCycle drink pouch bag.  Below are the directions for entering the contest.  I will be announcing the winner tomorrow evening.   TerraCycle GIVEAWAY:  Would you like your own TerraCycle drink pouch bag?  I have one full size (not the pencil bag) drink pouch bag to giveaway to one lucky reader.  To register to win you must either: 1) leave a comment on the previous post, or 2) register with FeedBurner (on the right hand column) and subscribe to TheEcoChic blog.  When you subscribe with FeedBurner you will get an email to confirm your subscription.  You MUST confirm your subscription to be entered to win.  Winners will be chosen at random on August 24th!  Due to shipping costs entrants must live in the continental United States.  Good Luck and thanks for reading!    ... [ Read More ]