Our Summer Bucket List

My Kids

Today was officially the last day of the 2013-2014 school year!  I am now a mom to a Kindergartner and a Middle School kid.  Can someone please pinch me?  I have no idea how that happened; I mean my baby is still in cloth diapers right?  Nope, she turned 5 earlier this year and is entering Kindergarten in the Fall. I'm determined to make this summer fun.  Since I work full-time from home, they get to stay home with me most days.   However, that usually turns into very long hours in front of the TV while I work.  We do have a few vacations planned and a few summer camps scheduled but there are several weeks when they will be just laying around the house being kids.  I decided I was going to ask both of my kids to help me list a few things they want to do this summer.  Here is what they said.... 11 yr old son: Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks - maybe I'll take them on a boat ride to see them dive for sponges. Read, Read, and Read some more!  Did I mention that he received a ... [ Read More ]