Ecocentric Mom Reveal Nov/Dec 2014

ecocentric mom review

Affiliate links present in this post. It's that time again, time for me to reveal the contents of this month's Ecocentric Mom box.  Ecocentric mom is an every-other-month subscription box for pregnant women, new moms, and babies.  Each box is filled with goodies and samples of different eco-friendly products.  Each box is only $24 and would make a great Christmas or baby shower gift. The Nov/December Pregnancy Box was quite a treat.  Here are a few of my favorite items... eInvite Holiday Cards - Christmas cards, birth announcements, or shower invitations made in the US.  Each card has double-sided adhesive for you to attach your favorite photo.  Save 20% off with code HOLIDAYECO20 at (valid through 12/31/14) Urban Oreganics Makeup Remover - Handcrafted makeup remover from natural ingredients. Safe for your entire face, even during pregnancy. Save 20% off orders of $20+ with code ECOMOM20 (expires 1/31/15) at Little Pim CD - ... [ Read More ]

Ecocentric Mom Box Review October


The mailman once again delivered my small box of eco-friendly goodies (sent to me for review from Ecocentric Mom - affiliate link).  My mail guy (Jeffrey) knows when to bring the bundle of goodies to my door and when to leave them in the mailbox; this is one of those times when he knocks. Since his deliveries have become later and later in the day, I have to fight my kids for a few minutes of peace while I open MY box.  I explain to them that MAYBE I'll share some of the goods with them....MAYBE! I slowly cut a slit in the packing tape and find the pretty pink tissue paper staring up at me with love. I resist the urge to rip the paper and tear into the goods.  Instead I gently pull open the tissue paper to see what awaits me.  This month was fun, and I did end up sharing a few things with my kids. The Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin book came just in time for my newest little bookworm to enjoy for Fall.  You can find this adorable board book (and other books by Tad ... [ Read More ]

EcoCentric Mom Box July/August Review


If you’ve been visiting The Eco Chic for a while, I hope you’ve signed up for ecocentric mom boxes by now.  I’ve been revealing my mom boxes for over a year now and each one if so much fun to receive.  If you’ve signed up, leave a comment below and tell me what you are liking most about the mystery subscription box service full of eco-friendly goodies for mom and baby. The July/August box was great as always and of course I devoured the apple chips by YogaVive upon opening the box.  I’m a sucker for eco-friendly, healthy snacks and I loved the chocolate apple chips.  The only other food related items in this months box were from Natural Suburban Everyday Herbal, including a Summer Herb Garden Savory seasoning pack and an herbal tea blend.  I haven’t cooked with the herbs yet but I hear they make an amazing veggie quiche.  The “Need a Little Sunshine” tea was very uplifting and sweet. This months box was full of health, beauty and well-being related items.  There are a few samples ... [ Read More ]

EcoCentric Mom “Mom & Baby” Box Review March/April

ecocentric mom and baby box review

It's time for another sneak peek into the ecocentric mom subscription box!  Yesterday the mail carrier delivered the  (affiliate link) "Mom & Baby" box for March and April full of more wonderful goodies!  I have a few friends and family who have new babies so this will give me a few more things to spoil their babies with. Take a look at all that stuff you get for only $24 (there's a few things hidden too).  Here are just a few of my favorite items from this month's box: 2 Degrees Cherry Almond Food Bar: Look real quick because it's all gone!  I gobbled that bar up in about 2 minutes today (it was easier than looking for lunch) and it was so good that I want 2 (or 200) more!  Plus it's gluten free, GMO free, vegan, Kosher and all natural.  The ecocontric mom box comes with hidden coupons too, so don't throw away anything until you know if you're going to want more! (through 5/31/14) Duck & Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny book:  I think ... [ Read More ]

Goodbye Winter Olympics, Little Passports Will Carry the Torch

Little Passports Subscription Package

As we bid farewell to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, it's a good time to continue the history lesson with our kids.  My oldest (almost 11 yrs old) is pretty aware of the World and our own country but my 5 year old is just starting to figure out the US.  We do quite a bit of traveling as a family but I'm not sure she really understands how big the US is (not to mention the World) yet. Little Passports (affiliate link) is a subscription box that brings the US and the World into your home each month and is geared for little minds.  You can select the USA or World edition package depending on your child's interests.  We started with the USA Edition which is ideal for kids ages 7-12 years old. Inside your first month's package is a Discovery Kit featuring a letter from Sam and Sofia (your guests on your trip around the US), a field guide, scratch book, US wall map, disposable camera and a photo scavenger hunt.  Each subsequent month you'll receive a State adventure kit with 2 new ... [ Read More ]

ecocentric mom – Jan/Feb “Mom” Box Reveal & Coupon

EcoCentric Mom Box Reveal

Once again, my ecocentric mom subscription box (affiliate link) arrived and did not disappoint!  I've been reviewing the ecocentric mom boxes for several months and each one is so much fun to open.  There is always something new and exciting to try that I've never heard of. Want to know what was in the January/February "Mom" box?  You can see some of my favorite surprises in the picture above. Heart Bracelet by House of Metalworks.  What a sweet little gift for your loved one.  This handmade "Love You" charm bracelet is made in the US using reclaimed and recycled materials.  I'm trying to decide if I should keep it for myself or gift it to my little girl! Sjaak's Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Hearts.  Did someone just say "chocolate"??  I ended up having to share my samples with little hands that helped me open this months box and now I'm craving MORE!! The Seaweed Bath Co. Wildly Natural Seaweed Detox Cellulite Soap.  I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened the box to ... [ Read More ]

Save $3 off any Ecocentric Mom Subscription – 3 Days Only!

ecocentric mom subscription box

I really do enjoy receiving mail from (aff link--->) ecocentric mom; it's one time of the month when I actually look forward to opening the mailbox.  Each month I receive a small box packed full of eco-friendly products just for me! The November box arrived last week and did not disappoint.  Tonight I made myself a nice cup of White Goji Blossom tea from Miss Tea (certified organic loose leaf tea) and nibbled on a Rugers Gluten Free/Wheat Free/GMO Free Chocolate Wafer bar.  While they have mom-to-be and mom & baby boxes I really, truly love my mom box!  I even save the treats for after the kids are in bed so I don't have to share. What other surprises are hidden inside the ecocentric mom boxes?  This month there are 2 sample size pouches of Rockin' Green Soap laundry detergent (sweet) which is perfect for any stinky laundry; including cloth diapers!  There was one little item that I'll share with the kids; a new book by Unboxed Art, "The Earth, the Alphabet and Me."  Want ... [ Read More ]

Ecocentric Mom & Baby Discovery Box

ecocentric mom and baby

  Have I mentioned how much I love my monthly subscription box from ecocentric mom?  Each month I get a little box full of eco-friendly goodies for me (and sometimes a few to share with friends, family, and the kids).  For August I decided to try something different, instead of the mom box I got the mom & baby discovery box.  I have a few friends who are pregnant and the little baby items will make cute gifts. Some of my favorite goodies from the August box include: gao.  A natural wooden fish teether from Liku Gao on Etsy. Nature's Baby Organics.  Shampoo, Body Wash, Conditioner, Detangler, and aromatherapy calming spray.  The light scents of vanilla tangerine and lovely lavender are so sweet and calming. Rubbabu Natural Rubber Foam Toys.  I'm actually considering keeping these as stress relief balls for myself.  Did you know that Rubbabu is the World's only rubber foam toy maker? Truebar by Bakery on Main.  The ecocentric mom box would not be complete ... [ Read More ]