Soup Can Upcycled Crafts #freefromtrash

soup can upcycled craft #freefromtrash

I have a ton of empty food cans that I've been saving for a rainy day.  Most of the time they end up in the recycle bin but I knew they could be fun to craft with. We have very small bathrooms and not much storage space.  I've seen similar projects created for desk organizers but I need some bathroom organization! Supplies: empty food cans (cleaned) Mod Podge decorative paper scissors This is a fairly simple project.  Cut strips of decorative paper slightly larger than your cans. Glue the strips onto the can leaving a little extra paper at the top of the can.  Cut slits around the top of the extra paper and fold over the top.  Glue the extra bits to the inside of the can.  I added some decorative tape on the inside to give it a finished look. Caution: The inside of the can may have some sharp edges so you'll want to be careful when working around the top of the can.  Having the paper folded over the top of the can will keep it safe for every day ... [ Read More ]