My New Type-A Conference Friends


Has a week already passed since Type-A conference in Atlanta??  I guess that's what happens when you jump right back into life with 2 feet running at full speed. What did I learn at Type-A?  This was my first time at this conference and I was actually pleasantly surprised at how small and intimate it was.  I was always running into the same group of ladies and feel like I really got to bond with many of them.  For the learning side of things I feel like my expectations are altered from what they should be.  I've been blogging since 2007 and I know a lot of the basic and intermediate things about social media.  Heck, I could probably have taught some of the sessions myself...but I've never really thought about that before. I did learn a few things about Google+ and why I should embrace it, even if I don't really like it. I was motivated to update my media kit; which I promise to finish before the end of the week. I learned what semantic markup is and know that I need to ... [ Read More ]

Social Fresh East 2013 – Tampa, FL – April 18-19th

social fresh east

  I've been blogging for almost 8 years (wow, right) and I'm still learning something new almost every day.  I've been fortunate enough to have attended a few "mom blogger" conferences over the past few years but I'm ready to really dive in deep into social media and see what the big boys (and girls) are doing in their social networks.  Social Fresh is a social media conference that is recognized as one of the Top 10 Social Media Conferences. Held in Tampa, FL on April 18-19th, Social Fresh is bringing 15 amazing and inspiring speakers to discuss, brainstorm, network with the top industry leaders in social media.  Jason Keath is not only the CEO behind Social Fresh, but also a social media speaker, consultant, and analyst in the industry.  This years speakers include Chris Brogan, Katie Richman, Ted Rubin, and Spike Jones; along with other experts working in the industry. This two day conference is unique from other conferences that I've attended.  Social Fresh focuses on ... [ Read More ]

The Real Power of Social Media

 I am completely blown away by this years BlogHer conference and I haven't even left home yet.  The past two years that I've gone there have been between 2500-3000 bloggers attend.  This year there will be 4500 - that's just amazing.  Not only will there by that many bloggers (mostly women - moms - and even some men) but we have the opportunity to connect with some pretty influential people. Sure it's nice to connect with the fabulous brands that help sponsor the conference (that's always fun) but I'm talking about celebrities and leaders. This year at Blogher the organizers are bringing us the following people who want to talk with us: Martha Stewart is the Keynote on Friday Katie Couric is the Keynote on Saturday Soledad O'Brien, Christy Turlington Burns, and Malaak Compton-Rock are speaking in the Women Influencers as Change Agents and finally they just announced that President Barack Obama will be speaking via live video stream on Thursday. The conference ... [ Read More ]

Black Friday Social Media Burnout


Yes, this is what it looks like halfway through Black Friday when you are a Social Media Manager! My day began at 12:01am and continued until about 2:00am when I finally logged off and attempted to go to sleep.  When the adrenaline kicks in it's difficult to shut down your brain and actually sleep. I woke up between 7-8am and checked back in with the crowds (online) to build up the morning excitement and Buzzz... Enjoyed a short trip to the stores with the family to hunt down our own Black Friday deals before they expired at noon.  Continued to check in online off-and-on during the day.  At some point I tried to lay down while my kids played with Lego's and this is what my son did with my phone.  The 'nap' didn't last that long since 2 kids can't be in the same room together for more than 10 minutes without arguing - even on a good day. I didn't spend all day online - but it certainly feels like it at times.  As I sit here at 11:14pm waiting for midnight once again I ... [ Read More ]

Read Every Day, Lead a Better Life – Scholastic


I've been planning this post for over a month now since my trip to BlogHer in NYC but I'm afraid it's going to take me more than just one post to tell you all about it.  While I was in NYC for BlogHer I was invited to an unrelated event sponsored by Scholastic on Saturday morning.  I was a little nervous because I didn't know anyone else who was going but I was super excited because it was Scholastic.  See I've been reading to my 7 year old son for over 7 years now - almost EVERY DAY!  We read so much that I had to go out this week and buy him a bigger bookshelf.  Upon entering Kindergarten he was very comfortable with reading and continues to be a very strong reader - reading at a 3rd-4th grade level (he's only in 2nd grade).  I can't help but feel proud of him and his success in reading but what makes me even more proud how much he LOVES to read.  He loves reading so much that tonight as I tucked him in he was in tears because he couldn't find his book light.  I always let him ... [ Read More ]

Introducing Eco Mom Media


I'm growing up and branching out!  I would like to introduce to you Eco Mom Media.  My newest blog project.  Eco Mom Media has a few goals. 1.  Eco-Friendly Twitter Parties.  Oh yeah, baby!  The hottest trend to hit Twitter.  If you are a company looking for more customers or a fellow reader looking for innovative eco-friendly products you will want to check out our Twitter parties.  Our premiere party is scheduled for Earth Day, April 22nd.  Go check out #GetRealDiapers and see what it is all about.  2.  Tips.  Regular blog posts will include topics on how to use Twitter, Facebook, and your blog to reach more readers and/or customers.  If you are a blogger, I will be providing my personal advice on how I got started with blogging and using social media to gain readers.  If you are a business, I will be providing you with advice on how to reach more customers using social media networks.  3.  Social Media Consulting.  I'm available by the hour to help you meet your goals.  Let ... [ Read More ]