ecocentric mom Subscription Box June

ecocentric mom june subscription box

You know what I love most about the ecocentric mom subscription boxes?  Each month you get mail (that's NOT bills) and it's always a good blend of goodies.  This month has a mix of health and beauty supplies along with a few snacks. I got hungry last night and devoured the EcoTrek bar (dark chocolate with toasted coconuts).  In a few minutes when I make lunch for the kids we'll share the Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips.  Then I'll be wishing there were a few more tasty treats by this evening. The very first thing I tried was Essence of Antiquity Pomegranate Lip Scrub.  It's an organic sugar scrub with a blend of natural oils and tastes feels so good on your lips. I should have sprayed myself with the Turtle Moon Health all natural mosquito repellent last night before watching the kids swim at dusk.  I was eaten alive my those nasty blood suckers!! I love that their spray bottle is aluminum so I can reuse it or recycle it when I'm done.  The spray has a sweet smell ... [ Read More ]

EcoCentric Mom Subscription Boxes

ecocentric mom subscription boxes

Do you like to try new products?  Do you love getting packages in the mail?  Are you a mom?  A mom-to-be? Or have a baby in the house?  Then you absolutely must learn more about Ecocentric mom subscription boxes! Subscription boxes are the BIG thing right now.  You sign up for one month, 3 months, or a year and each month you'll receive a special surprise box of goodies sent to you.  This was my first month receiving a Mom Discovery Box from Ecocentric mom and I loved looking through the box and discovering all the fun products inside.  Here are just a few of my favorite items from the April Mom Box: Natures Gate Rice Bran Facial Moisturizer - A full size (4 oz) bottle of their normal/dry skin face lotion.  The moisturizer is free of parabens, phthalates, fragrances, PEC, mineral oil, and pentrolatum - all of which are bad for your skin!  There were also a few samples of their shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to try. Nature's Kick Honeystix - There is nothing more ... [ Read More ]

#GreenGifts Winners & Coupons

  Did you join the #GreenGifts Twitter party Tuesday night with @TheEcoChic (me), @EffBlog (Amanda), and @GreenChildMag (Amity)?  We had so much fun that I ended up in Twitter Jail for talking too much - oh no!!!  Yes, Twitter likes to control how much you talk to prevent spammers and sometimes innocent people like myself get put in the slammer!  Thankfully it only lasts for about an hour before they release me to Tweet once more. Did you miss the winners announcements?  Here's a quick breakdown on the winners as selected at random by Amanda (@Effblog) using and the list of RSVP'd guests.   Allegory Pen winners: @granolorents and @kaylalorri Grassroots Store winner: @beccajoy99 YoBlocks winner: @lovebuy_lucy59 EcoStore USA winner: @mycutegenes Earth Mama Angel Baby winner: @twinctnbottom Binky Spritz winner: @christyisttc Organic Baby Gift Boutique winner: @chellez437 Squooshi winners: @gloverkim9, @lapsley1, @vasleepcoach, ... [ Read More ]

Sponsor Spotlight – GreenCupboards


Where do you buy your green and eco-friendly products from?  The downfall with local retailers is they don't usually have a large selection and may not carry your favorite brands.  Online retailers, like GreenCupboards, offer the latest and greatest eco-friendly products all in one place. 10 Cool Eco-Friendly Finds at GreenCupboards Weleda diaper creams and baby lotions. Hygeia breast pumps and accessories - my favorite breast pump for working moms! Sun oven solar cooking device. Hugger Mugger balance boards. Stainless steel mini-compost bin. Holy Lamb Organics all season wool comforter. Cargo naturals storage boxes and desk accessories. Eco-friendly dog toys! bloomin designer seed invitations - plant them and they grow! eGift Cards to GreenCupboards for those hard to please greenies! I placed my first order at GreenCupboards a few months ago and got my son a belt display rack for his karate belts.  They will even personalize some of the items in their store ... [ Read More ]

Why Does Organic Cost More?

Ever wondered why organic produce costs more than its chemical-laden counterparts? If growing organic means less pesticides, less growth-enhancing fertilizers, and less technological interventions, then why do we pay more at the check-out line? The reasons for this sad fact come by the bushel.   First off, because the farmers do not use synthetic insecticides, organic crops produce a lower yield. Labor costs rise as farmers must manually tend to their crops by weeding and using organic pest control. Without these chemicals, the crops also experience a shorter (albeit more natural) growing season. Without the use of chemical fertilizers, organic farmers use more traditional farming methods such as animal manure and compost to fertilize their crops. These natural methods are unfortunately bulkier and cost more to transport. Organic farmers also typically rotate their crops to promote soil health and sustainability. While this is advantageous to the health of the consumer ... [ Read More ]

Green Holiday Shopping Specials

Today I thought I would share with you some emails that I have received with special holiday savings on cool green products.  These are just a few...I know there are many more and I will post them as I receive them.  Earth Day Network Free Shipping in December plus get a Free book with every $50 purchase. T-shirts, posters, travel mugs, and more. Don't know what to get about making a donation to Earth Day Network to them.  Depending on how much you donate they will recieve some cool stuff like an e-magazine and an Earth Day t-shirt. Give a truely green gift this season and send it electronically to save shipping.  Now until December 19th there are no service fees for every order over $50.  Don't know what they like; give a Super Gift Certificate.  This universal gift certificate can be exchanged for restaurants, shopping and more.  You just decide the denomination and they take care of the rest.  I got a few of these before and they ... [ Read More ]

Lets Go Green!


I received an email from the other day with an offer to share with all my readers.  Lets Go Green offers many home improvement items you can use to help Go Green!  They have some of your favorite green cleaners, paper products, lighting and even a green gift section.  Oh yeah, and if you shop at you can even save 25% off your purchase by entering the word FRIEND into the coupon box!  I hope you find some items you've been looking for; happy shopping!  ... [ Read More ]

Product Reviews

Earth Day 24/7

I made a trip to Wal-Mart the other day and found a few green products worth blogging about.  First was the dish detergent.  I was out of our traditional Electrosol powdered detergent and had planned on picking up the same product.  However, when I saw a liquid dish detergent by Palmolive called Eco I knew I had to try it.  To my surprise it was a few dollars cheaper too.  So I tried my first load last night and guess worked great!  I didn't notice any difference from my old Electrosol.  So I guess I've found my new product.  It's phosphate free so it won't extra nutrients into the water system.  The next item was a total surprise, especially at Wal-Mart.  They had a display of environmental themed t-shirts.  Not only do they have a good message on them; they are also made from organic cotton.  How cool is that?  And for a total of $6 it couldn't have been a better deal!  I picked up one that said, "Green is the new black!" for myself.  This adds to my new eco-tee ... [ Read More ]

Happy New Years Eve

It's almost here, 2008!  Looking back at 2007 I have made a good effort to make small changes in my everyday life that will benefit the environment; or at least lessen our impact.  So what are going to be my environmental resolutions for 2008?  I'm in need of a new vehicle this year; so I'm going to research hybrid cars and other non-hybrid alternatives to the regular car.  I promise right here to stay with something mid-sized and not but a gas guzzler! My first home project for 2008 is to remodel our guest bathroom.  I am going to try to find a reuse for many of the items that I am replacing; at the very least I am going to find a way to recycle things like the tub, toilet, and vanity.  Also when purchasing the replacements I'm going to think green. I resolve to use my green bags more often at the grocery store (and other stores as well). I want to start a small garden in the back yard.  With that garden I also want to start a compost pile and a rain barrel.  My garden is ... [ Read More ]

Can you really ClickGreener?

Are you an online shop-a-holic?  Why not help the environment next time you decide to shop online.  There are tons of sites just like this already out there...but not that benefit the environment.  ClickGreener will donate 51% of their referral fee from the purchases made when you click to a vendor from their website to a non-profit partner for the environment.  Right now their non-profit partners include World Wildlife Federation - Canada,, Canadian Wildlife Federation and Tree Canada.  Obviously the founder is probably in Canada.  It's a great idea, I wonder if there are any other websites like this that will benefit other non-profit organizations.  I'm adding ClickGreener as one of my favorites next time I decide to do some online shopping.  ... [ Read More ]