& SOLE Earth Friendly Shoes


Have you ever considered how sustainable your shoes are?  Planet Shoes sells a variety of earth friendly shoes including Earth, Merrell, Pantagonia, and SOLE.  The SOLE line of shoes is a casual flip flop with the sole made of recycled cork from wine bottles.  SOLE works with ReCORK to recycle natural cork through a partnership with restaurants, bars, and recycling drop off locations. Cork is 100% natural, biodegradable, and renewable making it a very earth friendly material.  The durability of cork makes it perfect for flooring, soil conditioners, and yes - even shoes! I am excited to add a pair of white SOLE casual flip flops to my growing earth friendly shoe collection.  They are perfect for the sunny Florida weather and beach trips.  While they are quite comfortable, they do take a few weeks to form to your foot to get that perfect feel. In honor of Earth Day, Planet Shoes is running several promotions on their website and their Facebook page.  They also offer a weekly ... [ Read More ]

New Year, New Wardrobe, New Earth

Earth Footwear

Isn't that a beautiful picture.  Wonder what it is?  It's the bottom of my brand new pair of Earth® "positive heel" shoes from the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. If the bottom of the shoe is this pretty you know the rest of the shoe has to be gorgeous!  If you've never heard of the Earth® line of shoes they are well known for their negative heel technology that promotes wellness while still having a very contemporary, comfortable, stylish appeal.  The new Earth® collection is known for the same contemporary style with the new positive heel heights for those wanting a dressier look. (Like the old style? Don't worry it's not going away.  You can find our more about it at I'm not much of a heel person myself because I'm always chasing after my very active kids but I was quite surprised at how comfortable these shoes are.  With a cushioned footbed, padded heel area, and reinforced arch support I felt like I was in my favorite pair of ballet flats.  With the ... [ Read More ]