The Weekly Green List #2 – Books, What I’m Reading Now

The Green List @TheEcoChic #books

In this weeks Green List I'm sharing some of the books that I'm reading now.  I have a pretty eclectic bookshelf with topics ranging from DIY, fitness with kids, and a few new cookbooks.  What are you reading right now? DIY Books: Sewing the Seasons: 23 Projects to Celebrate the Seasons by Sandi Henderson.  I'm itching to start sewing again and this book is full of fun projects that don't look too complicated (remember I'm still learning).  The Farmers Market Tote is absolutely adorable as well as some of the cute Lemonade Swing Top (or dresses) patterns.  In addition to sewing projects Sandi includes a few seasonal recipes as well. Fitness Books: Yoga for Children by Lisa Flynn.  I've played around with Yoga for years and when my oldest was little we had fun practicing our poses together.  Now that my daughter is 4 I think she'd have fun doing Yoga with her brother and I.  My favorite part of the book is the sections on partner poses and family Yoga games.  I'm sure ... [ Read More ]

Reinvention – Sewing With Rescued Materials (Review)

reinvention book

I have flipped through the pages of Maya Donenfeld's book, Reinvention, the past few months dreaming about which projects I'm going to make first.  Reinvention is an instructional book that uses rescued fabrics like linen, burlap, wool, and denim.  The materials are beautiful and when they are rescued by Maya they are even more beautiful. The 28 projects in this book bring you back to simpler times and truly speak to the sustainable crafter.  They are simple enough that even the novice seamstress can complete them (like ME).  Unfortunately I was saving a few projects for this week and I got sick (inner ear infection) and have been going to bed instead of crafting.  No worries though, I'll catch up over the weekend for you and bring you the rest of my Upcycled Crafting Challenge next week. Some of the projects in Maya's book that I'm truly inspired to create myself include: Portfolio - a laptop or iPad case.  Maya made this with rescued linen but I'm going to attempt it with ... [ Read More ]

How to Make an Apron Knot Dress

You Can Make This Apron Knot Dress

GIVEAWAY ALERT:  You can win a copy of this pattern (in PDF format) to make your own Apron Knot Dress.  Details at the end of the post. I'm feeling the urge to pull my sewing machine back out of the closet.  I had hoped to get it out this past weekend to make Lil' B a new dress for Valentine's Day but that just didn't happen - yet! I received a PDF pattern for the adorable Apron Knot Dress that you see in the picture to the left and I can't wait to see how it looks on my tot.  She loves wearing dresses and this pattern doesn't look like it's going to be too difficult.   The pattern is really easy to read and doesn't require any challenging sewing skills.  The only part that scares me are the 2 button holes where the knots go - but I'm sure I'll be able to figure this out. The fabric:  A few weeks ago my husband cleaned out his closet and packed up 3 full bags of old clothes to donate.  I snagged a few of my favorite prints and patterns so that I can repurpose them into this ... [ Read More ]

Handmade Holiday Gifts

Giveaway alert! Enter to win a prize package from valued at over $50 in downloadable patterns. Do you make any of your own holiday gifts?  I always have big dreams of making lots of fun homemade gifts for friends and family but I usually end up with just one or two by the time the busy holiday rush is all over.  Last year I was fairly proud of myself for making my daughter a complete set of felt food and a few doll outfits, diapers, and accessories.  Not sure how much I'll actually accomplish this year. Where do I get my inspiration and directions to make my projects?  As you well know I'm a Pinterest addict so I do find a lot of projects on there.  If I'm really looking for something specific though I know I can usually find the pattern and directions at  I found this website a few years ago and it actually inspired me to buy a sewing machine and re-teach myself how to sew.  You can download a pattern (some are free, while others are ... [ Read More ]

Cloth Diapers for Baby Dolls

Doll Diaper (8)

Day 12 - Baby dolls need cloth diapers too! Starting last December (2009) I've been slowly growing confidence behind my sewing machine and sewing up some cute projects around the home.  Lil' B has recently fallen in love with baby dolls and now has three of them.  All of which have bare bums - no diapers included.  I decided last night to look around online and see what I could find for doll cloth diapers.  Thanks to @taprilcrosier and @mrsob1 for leading me to Etsy where I actually bought a few items that I'll share with you once they arrive. However, I'm very impatient and my super mom complex kicked in tonight so I decided to make my own baby doll cloth diapers.  I actually started out making a baby doll sling so Lil' B could wear her baby doll just like I once wore her.  That project took an entire 5 minutes to make (seriously it was that easy) so I found a pattern for doll cloth diapers on Skip to my Lou - a fabulous craft blog that I read almost daily. Here is how my ... [ Read More ]

The Eco Chic has an Etsy Shop!


I'm a little excited - last night I finally did it - I opened my very own Etsy shop!  Right now there is one lonely little dress waiting for the perfect home - but more items will be added soon.  I have 6 more dresses on the sewing machine right now waiting for me to get sewing! You may have seen the dress before - my little one has been spotted in this open backed, reversable, a-line dress before on here.  The peak-a-boo back is perfect for showing off that cute cloth diaper!  The patterns vary and I try to coordinate the colors to match the popular cloth diaper colors. Here are pictures of my first listing on Etsy - available in newborn (0-3 month) size.  I know you may not all have newborns so don't worry - more sizes are coming soon!  AND - I take custom orders too!  Just send me a conversation on Etsy and we'll find the perfect pattern and size for your little darling.  This dress is available from newborn all the way to 24 months - and I'm working on a larger pattern too! ... [ Read More ]

Trash to Treasure – T-shirt Scarf


I have been sewing lots lately and decided to use the fabrics that I have on hand instead of going back to the store to buy brand new, fancy fabrics.  Most of my on-hand fabrics are old, retired t-shirts.  I've seen many different varieties of a t-shirt scarf and here is my own version. Supplies:  2 adult t-shirts, a sewing machine, pins, needle, thread, and scissors Directions: -Decide how wide you want your scarf to be.  I used a scarf I had on hand as a guide. -Cut strips from your shirts.  I cut about 8" wide strips starting from the bottom of the shirt (cute through both sides).  Remove arms and neck pieces. -After I cut the width strips I cut those strips into 12" lengths (approx. size only - all sizes can vary). -Decide on a pattern and color scheme by laying the strips out the way you would like them on your scarf. -Pin the front sides of two (2) pieces - continue this process all the way down the length of your scarf.  My length was about five (5) pieces - well ... [ Read More ]

Trash to Treasure Doggy Bed


I usually save these posts for Thursdays but I had to share my latest project with you today.  My sewing machine has been quite busy lately but I've put myself on a fabric buying ban!  Seems that I get a little carried away at the fabric store with all the pretty prints.  If you remember my last Trash to Treasure Thursday (tie-dyed ruffle skirt) I still had parts of that the tie-dyed t-shirt in my fabric box.  My sweet (mischievous) pug decided recently to attack (and destroy) his pet bed - or should I say he redecorated the house with stuffing!  I decided it was time for him to have a new bed - but I refuse to buy him a new one!  Afterall it will only be a matter of weeks before it's used to redecorate the house too. For this project I measured the size of the crate to determine the dimensions of the doggy bed.  From that I cut the t-shirt into the outer dimensions (plus a few extra inches for seam allowance).  Since the t-shirt wasn't quite large enough for the entire bed I cut ... [ Read More ]

Trash to Treasure Thursday


My husband cleaned out his drawers a few months back and gave me some of his old t-shirts to experiment with.  I got a sewing machine for Christmas (for myself) and have been learning as I go.  I took a sewing class in High School but that was YEARS I've become friends of YouTube to re-teach me how to sew.  This use to be a concert t-shirt that he probably wore only a few times.  Now it's a cute toddler skirt.  I didn't have a pattern to follow - but I did look closely at a skirt that she already has in her wardrobe as a reference.  I forgot to take pictures along the way but I promise to make it again and provide you with a tutorial.  Have you made any Trash to Treasure projects this week?  I'd love to see them - leave a comment with a link to your pictures. ... [ Read More ]