Giveaway – New Thirsties OS AIO + Rumparooz Sherbert


Did you see what was released today?  Thirsties released their new One Size AIO and Rumparooz released their new Sherbert color.  Both of these brands are based in Colorado and run by amazing families. Would you like to win one of each? I'm giving away one pair of these new diapers to a lucky winner!!  All you have to do is complete the Rafflecopter form below. Short cuts:  As part of the Rafflecopter entries you'll need to comment on one of the release posts for either the Rumparooz Sherbert or the Thirsties New OS AIO.  <---click the names to get to those posts! This giveaway is sponsored by Rumparooz & Thirsties and each diaper will be shipped to the winner from them. Giveaway is open to residents in the US over the age of 18 yrs. Ends Oct. 30th at 12:00am ET.  Winner will be announced here!  Good luck!! a Rafflecopter giveaway ... [ Read More ]

New from Rumparooz Cloth Diapers – Sherbert!

Rumparooz Sherbert

There's quite a few fun things releasing in the cloth diaper industry this week!  Another one of my absolute favorite brands is Rumparooz.  They are coincidentally, also from Colorado!  They revealed some fun new prints and this gorgeous pink color at the ABC Kids Expo last month.  You can FINALLY purchase Sherbert today at your favorite cloth diaper retailers. Sherbert is a beautiful bright pink that is perfect for your little princess; but even a prince would wear this vivid color!  Real mean wear pink, right!! Why do I love Rumparooz? The owners, Julie & Chad, are hilarious in person.  They have an amazing sense of humor and Julie scares me daily with pictures of spiders (I'll spare you the details).  Julie started the company in her home when her own infant was having reactions from disposables.  Julie's mom taught her how to sew at a young age so she decided to sew diapers for her child.  That is how the Rumparooz family of diapers were born.  Where would we be today ... [ Read More ]

Introducing the New Rumparooz Fall Collection – #phantomfluff

Rumparooz Fall Collection

Seriously, HOW CUTE ARE THESE? Introducing the brand new Fall Collection by Rumparooz - peacock, black, and preppy!  THIS is what all the #phantomfluff excitement has been about for the past few weeks.  The super trendy teal, elegant black, and that preppy plaid is the BOMB!  Oh, this picture (shared from Rumparooz' Facebook Page) just makes my ovaries swell looking at them! (GIVEAWAY BELOW - KEEP READING!!) But I will have to live vicariously through all of you because we are potty trained and done having kids.  I did spend the last 3 years with a stash of over 25 Rumparooz OS cloth diapers and I have nothing but good things to say about this brand and the company.  They were the one brand that we reached for the most and my kids still sing the "Rumpa - Rumpa - Rumpa - Rumpa - Rooz" song by Uncle Jim (retro music video that is no longer available but I have the CD). Of all of the cloth diaper brands Julie (the owner and creator of Rumparooz) is one of the few owners that I have ... [ Read More ]

30 Reasons to Love Cloth Diapers – Diaper Covers, Pre-folds, Flats, and Snappis!


Day 17: Diaper Covers, Pre-folds, Flats, and More - back to basics cloth diapering! I normally write about one-sized and pocket cloth diapers because the majority of my stash is made up of these systems.  Since that is what I use most frequently I often forget about the other systems.  I'm surprised to see that a number of families I talk with on Twitter use (and swear by) old fashioned pre-fold diapers.  Yes, many parents still use the simple diapering systems that our parents and grandparents used on us over the new modern systems.  Families prefer pre-folds and flats for their economical benefits, ease of use, and absorbency.  Many parents will travel with pre-folds and flats since they are easier to hand wash when laundry services are unavailable. What is a pre-fold diaper? Many people are familiar with pre-folds because they use them as burp cloths or to dust around the house.  Or am I the only one who was raised using pre-folds around that my mom reused after we grew out of ... [ Read More ]

Cloth Diaper Interview with Natali Morris


DAY 8 - Interview with Natali Morris about her 30 Day Cloth Diapering Challenge.  I've marked this as one of the 30 reasons I love cloth diapers because I have had the opportunity to 'meet' some amazing people since we started using cloth diapers.  Not only have I been talking with Natali this month; in the past year I've worked with many of the popular cloth diaper brands here on the blog (and at Eco Chic Parties).  I've also had the opportunity to actually meet and have lunch with Jennifer Labit - owner of bumGenius, I shared an entire weekend with Kelly Wels from during BlogHer, and have an amazing friendship with Julie Elkstrom - owner of name just a few!  Here is my interview with Natali: The Eco Chic:  Did your parents use cloth diapers on you? Natali:  No! When my mom learned I was doing this she was a little indignant. She said, “Your sister and you were just fine with disposables!” But then she helped me cloth diaper ... [ Read More ]

Rumparooz Wins the PTPA Award


Did you hear??  Rump•a•rooz® has won the prestigious Parent Tested-Parent Approved (PTPA) Award! The PTPA is a community of over 4,000 parent volunteers who test and critique hundreds of products designed for babies, kids, parents, and families. As if we didn't know it already  - parents LOVE the Rump•a•rooz® G2 cloth diaper and the PTPA just confirmed it with their seal of approval. Why do I love my Rump•a•rooz®? Let me count the reasons - 1. Snap or velcro closures to please everyone! 2. The only cloth diaper with the inner gusset to keep the poo inside! 3. A rainbow of fashionable colors perfect for boys or girls. 4. Adorable prints like my favorite the Eco-Owl! 5. Amazing customer service and a wonderful story behind the company.  Have you watched the Birth of Rump•a•rooz® video yet?  Grab a tissue and enjoy the fluffy journey with Julie and her team. Want to learn more about the PTPA Awards? Did you know you can personally rate the products you know and ... [ Read More ]

Cloth Diapers – NEW @ Rumparooz for 2010-11


Rump•a•NEW! My friends at Rump•a•rooz have been very busy manufacturing some new surprises for our babies and tots.  During last week's ABC Kids Expo they finally revealed pictures of some of the products they talked about during their last Twitter Party.  Here are a few of my favorite images that they shared with us over on Facebook at the end of the Expo. Above you can see a few different sizes and styles of wetbags - all with coordinating prints and solids to match their adorable G2 one-sized diapers.  From the pictures it looks like they have the smaller ones with zippered closure and some larger ones with drawstring closure.  The zippered ones would look great in a nursery and would keep that diaper smell away! This next picture is very exciting for anyone on a budget - the all new Rump•a•rooz diaper covers.  If you can't afford the G2 one-sized diaper but want to experience the great prints that Rump•a•rooz offers I'm sure these diaper covers will have an appealing ... [ Read More ]

Tell Everybody the News – #RumparoozMusic


This has been a very busy week for my friends over at Rump-a-rooz.  This past weekend they attended a local baby & kids expo where they equipped one Colorado family with a stash of 64 colorful and fun Rump-a-rooz.  They also had their skeptics like the one mom who never thought Rump-a-rooz would fit their chunky little 29lb six month old (yes 6 months) - guess what?  After a trip to the changing table they were proud to find out just how perfect the Rump-a-rooz fit this little man.  In another week the Rump-a-roozteam will be packing their fluff and heading to Las Vegas baby!  It's time for the annual ABC Kids Expo (You can follow #ABCKidsExpo on Twitter) once again where companies and retailers meet up and elope at a little chapel on the strip (OK a very large conference center)!  Anyways, this is the time of year when manufacturers and brands bring out all of their NEW products in hopes to be the 'next big thing' to hit the baby and kids market.  I hear that Rump-a-rooz has ... [ Read More ]

Wordless Wednesday – Rump-a-LOVE


I can't wait to tell you more about my partnership with Rump-a-rooz! Disclosure: This fluffy pile of goodness was provided in exchange for services that I will be providing to Rump-a-rooz in the coming months. ... [ Read More ]

Meet Mike at Rump-a-Rooz

This guy knows how to have fun! Join us Thursday night at Eco Chic Parties for a Rump-a-Rooz Twitter Party where the winners of the YouTube video contest will be revealed.  Have you sent in your video yet? ... [ Read More ]