Let’s Rock Pinterest with Rockin’ Green

Let's Rock Pinterest Contest

I have to admit it, I'm a tad bit addicted to Pinterest!  When Kim approached me and asked if I would help her design the perfect Pinterest contest I was super excited!  Are you ready to Rock Pinterest with Rockin' Green? To view the entire set of rules visit the Rockin' Green blog post.  Then head over to Pinterest and start having fun with your favorite scent.  I picked Lavender Mint Revival because honestly the colors lavender and mint are so beautiful together!  You can see my sample board for a little inspiration - #LetsRock with Rockin' Green Lavender Mint Revivial.  I'm trying to decide what my favorite pin is on the board; I think I'm going to have to go with the Rockin' Outfit!  I mean seriously...isn't it gorgeous?  If only I had some place to wear this. Source: atelierblog.com via Calley on Pinterest   Want to know what else is cool about the contest?  You could win a year's worth of Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent!  This is a cloth diapering mama's ... [ Read More ]

#BlogHerROCKS – A Giveaway by Rockin’ Green

Giveaway: While this giveaway announcement is only open to my friends who are attending BlogHer '11 with me I have another giveaway coming soon for the rest of my readers who are reading this around the globe!  Stay tuned! As you may have heard by now, Rockin' Green is my personal BlogHer '11 sponsor and has some great prize packages available for 2 of my new friends that I've met at BlogHer.  Will it be you?  Each prize package will include a full size bag (45/90) of Rockin' Green REMIX detergent, 1 bag of Funk Rock, 1 magnetic laundry scoop, 1 set of wool dryer balls, and 2 sample size packs of Rockin' Green REMIX. I also have 100 samples of Rockin' Green REMIX to hand out (in my room - not in conference spaces) upon request - please ask, email, or tweet me for more information. To enter all you need to do is find me at BlogHer '11. When you find me ask me about #BlogHerROCKS and I'll tell you how you can enter this giveaway.  HINT:  If you have a smartphone you may want to ... [ Read More ]

Do you have your #GreenTicket yet?

Rockin' Green Green Ticket Event

Rockin' Green has brought back the Green Ticket event! They have hidden 150 concert tickets in specially marked bags of laundry detergent.  Each of the winning tickets will have a code to redeem for one of the 150 prizes.  The prizes will range from laundry detergent to the grand prize - 2 free concert tickets to a concert of your choice!  Did you ever think doing laundry could be this much fun? How do you play? Go to your favorite Rockin' Green retailer (mine is Kelly's Closet) and purchase a bag of Rockin' Green REMIX! (I think I need to try the new Earth, Wind, and Orchid scent.) Then open the bag, enjoy the scent, and pray that your bag has a green ticket!  It's that easy and you'll never know when or where the winning tickets will appear. Want more chances to win Rockin' Green Soap? Join us Tuesday, July 19th at 9pm ET for a #GreenTicket Twitter Party! We're giving away 50 samples of Rockin' Green REMIX and three prize packages of full size Rockin' Green detergent (and a ... [ Read More ]

What is the Rockin’ Green GREEN TICKET Event?

Want to learn more about the upcoming GREEN TICKET event before next week's Twitter Party?  Watch this short video featuring Kim Webb, owner of Rockin' Green, as she shares with you the great prizes that can be won when you purchase your next bag of Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent. Link to video: http://youtu.be/bcaA2QG1U5s Want more great chances to win Rockin' Green detergent and other eco-friendly cleaners?  Register for the #GreenTicket Twitter Party which takes place Tuesday, July 19th at 9pm ET.  For more information:  http://www.theecochic.com/2011/07/rsvp-for-this-summers-hottest-event-greenticket-with-rockin-green/ ... [ Read More ]

RSVP for This Summers Hottest Event – #GreenTicket with Rockin’ Green

Join us Tuesday, July 19th for this summers hottest event - a Twitter party with Rockin' Green and The Eco Chic!  Last month Rockin' Green released their newest hit with REMIX versions of the classic, soft, and hard rock detergents along with a new band member; Earth, Wind, and Orchid!  Join us for a Twitter party to celebrate this new addition plus learn about what's coming next with Rockin' Green - including the annual Green Ticket event! When: Tuesday, July 19th Time: 9:00 pm ET Who to Follow:  @RockinGreenSoap, @TheEcoChic, and @EcoChicSidekick Location: Twitter Hashtag: #GreenTicket Prizes: 50 registered audience members will win samples of Rockin' Green REMIX 3 lucky audience members will go home with Rockin' Green prize packs with 2 (full size) bags of Rockin' Green REMIX, a magnetic laundry scoop, Shake It Up pail freshener, and a bag of Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer! To get your ticket and to be eligible to win these great prizes RSVP by filling out ... [ Read More ]

Introducing Rockin’ Green REMIXED

Rockin' Green Promo

Let's face it, we all have to do laundry whether it's clothes or cloth diapers. Why not mix things up a bit with a fun and powerful laundry detergent that's kind to the Earth and kicks butt on stains and odors.  I write about Rockin' Green often (archives) because I've followed Kim since the early days on Twitter when she was still mixing this stuff in her kitchen.  Lately Kim has been working with me as my sponsor for BlogHer (read my announcement here and here) so in a way this is a sponsored post - with a little extra cloth diapering community love sprinkled in.  That's the great thing about cloth diapering, the online community is stronger than any that I've found. One of the biggest challenges I hear from people is when they encounter problems in their washing routine.  This usually comes in the form of stains, stinkies, and the dreaded ammonia beast!  These are common problems that can be difficult to conquer because everyone has unique situations. Some things that may ... [ Read More ]

My Rockin’ BlogHer11 Sponsor Announcement

Rockin' Green Soap

I decided last December that I was going to go to BlogHer 11 in San Diego and quickly purchased my ticket (and one for my best friend who is joining me this year).  I didn't actually think to much about obtaining a sponsor at that time.  In January I made a last minute decision to attend Blissdom and sent out a plea for sponsors for the coming year.  I never did get a sponsor for Blissdom but I went anyways (BEST decision ever)! To my surprise though I did get one email back from a fellow online friend that I met back in 2009. It was about the time I joined Twitter and met up with the wonderful cloth diapering community that our paths first crossed.  I'm not even sure when our first 'meeting' was but I know it involved cloth diapers.  At the time this friend of mine was connected with the GADBaby Diapers and had sent me an adorable pink and black side-snapping diaper to review.  It was around that same time that she gave birth to one of the hottest companies in the cloth diapering ... [ Read More ]

I’m Going Nuts for EcoNuts!


Giveaway Alert!  One lucky winner will win a Family Size (50 load) box of EcoNuts!  Details on how to enter are listed at the bottom of the post. ECO-ngratulations Jackie B! You Win! It's Monday night ladies!  That means it's time for the weekly cloth diaper chat on Twitter!  If you have questions about cloth diapers these Monday night Twitter chats are the place to go to find answers.  Just be sure to use the hashtag (#clothdiapers) to follow the chats. What do we talk about most during our weekly chats?  WASHING!  That's right, the age old questions of "How do you wash your cloth diapers?" and "What detergent do you use?"  I've use a few different detergents on my cloth diapers and I have my favorites.  If you are joining me from Twitter you are very familiar with Rockin' Green Soap by the makers of GADBaby Cloth Diapers.  It's a fantastic cloth diaper detergent that comes in so many different scents like Monkey Snacks and Cherry Almond.  Makes me hungry just thinking about ... [ Read More ]

My Laundry is Rockin’ Green


Since today is laundry day at the Eco Chic household it's only fitting that I write a post about Rockin' Green Soap.  Washing cloth diapers is probably one of the most intimidating elements of using cloth.  The manufactures are very specific about what NOT to use when washing their diapers and what will void their warranties.  What they don't always tell you is exactly what you CAN use.  Since I primarily use Bum Genius I'll use them as an example.  The manufacturer recommendations say to use a detergent that is free of dyes, enzymes, perfumes, whiteners and brighteners.  Hmmm.... You can understand why I was so excited to find a detergent formulated specifically for cloth diapers!  Rockin' Green Soap meets all of the manufactures recommendations AND MORE!  Rockin' Green is vegan so even my best friend can use it to wash her clothes :)!  Rockin' Green is phosphate free which makes it...well....GREEN!  Green as in eco-friendly, since phosphates can add unwanted nutrients back into ... [ Read More ]