#BlogHerROCKS the Video

I recorded some of my new friends as they shared their excitement about trying Rockin' Green Soap.  I was surprised by how many of the cloth diapering mama's that I met have never used Rockin' Green.   Watch video on YouTube Footnote:  I am not really a great videographer or editor but if you're interested all of this was done using my iPhone 3gs and Windows Movie Maker.  Not bad for a rookie! Special thanks to Rockin’ Green for sponsoring my trip to BlogHer ’11.  Rockin’ Green is a natural laundry detergent designed especially for use with cloth diapers but can also be used on regular laundry too.  In addition to using Rockin’ Green for laundry there are hundreds of different uses for this soap.  Be sure to sign up for 52 Weeks of Clean where they share a new tip for using Rockin’ Green around your home.  For more information about Rockin’ Green visit them on the Web, Facebook, and on Twitter. ... [ Read More ]

How to Hand Wash Flat Cloth Diapers

Hand washing supplies

As a follow up to yesterday's How to Cloth Diaper Your Baby for $50 here is a brief tutorial on how to hand wash flat cloth diapers.  The point of this exercise is to show that even if you don't have access to laundry facilities that you can still cloth diaper your baby.  Keep in mind that my child is 29 months now and we are working on potty training so we only use 5-8 diapers on a bad day.  Today I sent her to day care in an birdseye flat (pad folded) and a flip cover because she refused to put on her big girl panties for me.  We're still using diapers at nap at night-time but at school they are using big girl panties and/or training pants.  For the sake of the exercise I'm including any wet/soiled clothes from school in our hand wash challenge. Today we ended up using: 3 flat diapers, 3 diaper covers, 1 pair of panties, 1 training pant, 1 wipe (disposable at day care), and 1 pair of shorts.  These all needed to be washed before I went to bed so we'd have a fresh clean stash in ... [ Read More ]

Cloth Diaper Laundry Do’s and Don’ts – Part 1: Picking a Detergent

Rockin' Green Soap Cloth Diaper Detergent

Day 15: Picking the right cloth diaper detergent for you!  Today I’m starting a series of posts that will talk about some of your most frequently asked laundry questions.  These tips are perfect for the newbie cloth diaper user as well as the cloth diapering expert.  Warning though – you may not agree with all of my advice but hopefully I will give you something to think about when you start complaining about dirty diapers, stinkies, and stains.  Part One:  My cloth diaper manufacturer recommends that I only use detergents that are free of dyes, enzymes, perfumes, essential oils, whiteners and brighteners. What does that mean really?  Let’s break each one of those ingredients down and explain a little more about them in detail.  Dyes – this one should be obvious.  If you use a detergent that has a color or tint to it there is a chance that the dyes could stain your diapers.  Not only that but the dyes that are used probably aren’t natural and we don’t want them touching our ... [ Read More ]

Cloth Diaper Laundry – An Update


I've written about my laundry routine before with my cloth diapers but I wanted to give you an update...after all our routines change as our children continue to grow and our diapers get older.  Let me first start by saying that what works for me may not work for you.  Why is that?  Let me first start by giving you some facts on me, my diapers, and our routine. 1. Lil' B is 16 months old, still breastfed and eating solids regularly.  I tell you this because a wash routine of an infant is different from a toddler. 2.  Our stash is primarily BumGenius 3.0s (about 20) and about 10-15 mixed other brands that we've tried.  All are pockets, all-in-ones, or all-in-twos.  We've never used pre-folds. 3.  More info on our stash - most of them are microfiber, microfleece, or some other micro-combination.  We do have some bamboo, hemp, and cotton combo inserts as well.  4.  We have an old-fashioned top loader washing machine.  We're waiting for it to croak before we invest in a ... [ Read More ]