Smart Sun Safety Tips

Sun Safety Tips

I have come to terms with the fact that I will never have a gorgeous sun kissed tan like you see in the swimsuit magazines.  I have a natural peaches and cream complexion which isn't super pale but not super tan either.  As a child I tanned pretty nicely and as I entered my teen years I remember always wanting to be darker than my skin would naturally tan.  I was never a tanning bed person (although I did try it a few times in my younger days) but I hated applying sunscreen as a teenager.  With both of my parents having skin cancer spots removed from their face, shoulders, back, and legs I decided that it was time for me to lay off the tanning and play it smart in the sun.  Once I had children of my own I decided it was time to start doing a little more research into proper sun safety.  It's amazing how quickly your priorities change after having children. We've always lived in the south where the summer heat is scorching, now that we live in Florida, sun safety is part of our ... [ Read More ]

News & Updates from Around the Cloth Diapering Community – 2/11/12

Cloth Diapering News & Coupons

Would you like to know the very latest happenings around the cloth diapering community?  I thought so! You all loved this feature so much that I thought I would continue again this week.  It's been a quiet week in the cloth diapering community but here are a few things to entertain you. My Favorite Posts of the Week: Do you love Pinterest?  Find out which cloth diapering and green companies are joining the Pinterest revolution. Would you like to win a ones&twos cloth diaper?  You can enter one on my giveaway sponsored by Kissed by the Moon. Wondering what else you can do with baking soda?  Here are 5 Ways to Use Baking Soda for Babies. and finally my work in progress - Learn to Speak Cloth Diaper Slang, a cloth diaper dictionary. My Posts from Around the Web: I posted a review of the ones&twos all-in-one cloth diaper on the blog. New Products: Coming soon from Swaddlebees & Blueberry is the Capri cloth diaper cover and ... [ Read More ]

mabu baby eco diapers (WalMart Cloth Diapers)


Select WalMart stores now carry a line of cloth diapers called mabu baby. The team at mabu baby was nice enough to send me a few of their products to review and test on Lil' B.  When the box came I was quite impressed with the contents and the different options that they have available.  Most parents who will find the mabu baby line will probably stumble upon them at the actual store so looks and packaging is very important. If I saw this packaging at the store I would probably stop and look.  Read the box.  Add it to my gift registry.  And maybe even purchase a box to try out.  They come sized similar to disposable diaper sizing (newborn, size 1, size 2, and size 3/4) so those are additional similarities to disposable diapers.  The box even says, "goes on easy like a disposable." The Maxi Starter Kit included: 2 diaper outers with 2 snap-in pad holders 2 washable pads 2 disposable pads 5 liners and the size range is for 15-40lbs.  That's actually a pretty good size ... [ Read More ]

Cloth Diapering 101 – Which Cloth Diaper is Right for Us?

This series is intended for the first time cloth diaper user or the family who is considering using cloth diapers.  Please feel free to ask questions (just leave a comment below) and I’ll be happy to help you along your journey. Cloth Diapering 101 - Which Cloth Diaper is Right for Us? Any guesses on how many cloth diaper brands there are to choose from?  Me neither, but I do know there are over 219 diapers featured in Kim Rosas' Cloth Diaper Finder and I do know that Kelly's Closet sells over 30 popular brands.  How can you tell which diaper is right for you and your baby?  What if you pick one and totally hate it?  These are all common questions that we all had when we started our journey into cloth diapering. First, let's start with a vocabulary lesson. If you're looking for definitions to terms like pockets, AIO, SIO, and hybrids you can visit Dirty Diaper Laundry's Terms & Definitions page or the new blog Cloth Diaper Terminology page. Next, you need to ... [ Read More ]


Hello?  Hello?  Is anyone out there?  Oh wait, you are probably saying..."Where is The Eco Chic?  I haven't seen anything new from her in a while!!"  Never fear my friends...I am still here!  As usual life has gotten in the way of blogging.  When my friends tell me that the feel neglected and in second place over the Internet I start to take the hint.  (I do listen.)  My family suffers from my addiction at times too.  It's rare to find a night at the Eco-House where my nose isn't buried into my computer as soon as the kids are snoozing away!  My dear sweet husband is sitting on one end of the sofa playing Vampires or Mafia Wars on his iPhone and I'm on the other end blogging or tweeting!  Really, it is a sad life we live.  Add in a few visits out of town and I'm actually starting to miss my little escapes to the blogosphere!  You know exactly what I'm talking about.  There is something much more pressing and important that you need to be doing right now than reading my ... [ Read More ]

What’s ahead on The Eco Chic?

While I don't have time to divulge all the information I do have time for a teaser! In the coming days and weeks I will continue to share our journey with cloth diapers (Bum Genius), start a few new journeys (it's almost time to start solid food), learn a little more about plastics, and share some great new products! Products? Oh yes, I have two new products to share with you. One is by Soapy Nature (already teased you with this one) and the other is by Ecogear! Ever wanted to GETAWAY and never had just the right BAG for the trip? Well you will soon! Keep reading and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! ... [ Read More ]