Reinvention – Sewing With Rescued Materials (Review)

reinvention book

I have flipped through the pages of Maya Donenfeld's book, Reinvention, the past few months dreaming about which projects I'm going to make first.  Reinvention is an instructional book that uses rescued fabrics like linen, burlap, wool, and denim.  The materials are beautiful and when they are rescued by Maya they are even more beautiful. The 28 projects in this book bring you back to simpler times and truly speak to the sustainable crafter.  They are simple enough that even the novice seamstress can complete them (like ME).  Unfortunately I was saving a few projects for this week and I got sick (inner ear infection) and have been going to bed instead of crafting.  No worries though, I'll catch up over the weekend for you and bring you the rest of my Upcycled Crafting Challenge next week. Some of the projects in Maya's book that I'm truly inspired to create myself include: Portfolio - a laptop or iPad case.  Maya made this with rescued linen but I'm going to attempt it with ... [ Read More ]