Baked Spaghetti Bowls #ClassicoMakeItYourOwn


This post contains affiliate links. Are you bored with your "go-to" spaghetti night?  Our family relies on spaghetti a few times a month and I'll be the first to admit that it's rather boring most nights.  Tonight I reDEFINED our dinner to make it fun with CLASSICO® spaghetti sauce and a few simple ingredients. You'll need spaghetti noodles, ground beef, onion,CLASSICO® spaghetti sauce, taco bowls, and shredded cheese. Brown your beef with some chopped onion while you are boiling your pasta noodles.  This only takes about 5-10 minutes depending on how many hands have decided to help me in the kitchen that night.  Tonight my six year old decided she wanted to help mommy cook.  I love how excited she gets when she's in the kitchen with me. Once your noodles and ground beef are ready, you'll want to place your taco bowls on a baking sheet.  Fill each bowl with drained noodles and top with ground beef,CLASSICO® spaghetti sauce, and shredded cheese. This is seriously one of ... [ Read More ]

Five Things I Don’t Want You to Know

My husband and I have a great relationship but like all spouses we pick on each others weaknesses when we get frustrated. This weekend he picked on my green weaknesses so I decided to turn it into a blog post. (Love you huney!) Whether you are green-minded or not you will appreciate knowing that I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be. While I am The Eco Chic that doesn't mean that I am always living the perfect green life. I am human and there is no way that I will ever be 100% green. Our current lifestyle just does not allow for me to do everything to the greenest level possible. Like most parents out there I have real life responsibilities such as a career, a family, kids, house work, church, extra curricular activities, and so much more to juggle each day...being green is just one aspect of my life. Five Things I Don't Want You to Know About Me: 1. I'm a lazy recycler and I don't recycle everything. We pay to have our recyclables picked up once a week where we live. I am ... [ Read More ]

Random Green (and not so green) Thoughts

I was talking (ok...emailing) a friend of mine today and it reminded me about some questions I've been struggling with lately.  Can switching to green actually have a negative impact on the environment?  Take for instance babies.  I now have a 4 mo old baby (Lil' B) who is getting many of my son's baby gear.  He's 6 yr old and I wasn't quite as green as I am now.  Some of the items I've saved aren't exactly eco-friendly.  So here is a list of the items that if I were to buy them today I would make a different choice than I did 6 yrs ago.  Crib mattress.  I would buy an organic cotton mattress if I bought a new one today. Baby bottles.  I would buy BPA-free bottles and storage jars for my breast pump. High Chair.  I would buy a nice wooden high chair today instead of the plastic bulky one I have. And what about the baby gifts you receive.  What if you receive items that aren't eco-friendly?  Like baby soap, lotion, disposable diapers & wipes, and  plastic toys. So ... [ Read More ]

Disney’s Earth…WOW!

This evening Big B and I had a 'date' to go see Earth!  I can't remember the last time I was so emotional over a documentary.  Disney really did a great job with this one.  Before the movie even started I was excited for NEXT Earth Day when they bring out Ocean.  The animals they chose to follow in Earth were perfect; the polar bear family, the elephant family, and my favorite the humpback whale family.  James Earl Jones did a fantastic job with the naration and the musical score was perfect.  There were so many times when Big B got emotional (happy, sad, fearful) just because of the music and what was about to happen next.  I must warn parents though that if you have very young children (preschoolers especially) the movie does touch on some 'Circle of Life' know predator vs prey!  While Disney does a very good job not to show anything gruesome there were a few times when the youngsters in the theater broke out into tears.  Big B is six now and still got a little ... [ Read More ]

Recycling 2 Liter Soda Bottles

I know it's already been posted today on another blog but I had to share it with you all.  This video shows 8 great uses for those pesky 2 liter soda bottles.  Instead of recycling try to upcycle and reuse your bottle instead.  Thanks Budget Ecoist for posting! ... [ Read More ]

Looking for Something GREEN?

Many of my regular readers know that I'm trying to ditch the disposable bottled drink habit.  This is actually pretty easy for me because all I've been drinking lately is tap water. friends and family are having a hard time ditching the bottle!  I mentioned not long ago that I recently purchased some plastic reusable bottles at the store which is a great place to start.  I was so excited when my parents actually showed up at my house with their own bottles!  They were one of my challenges in ditching the bottle because they love ready to go items; so Thanks Mom & Dad for taking the first step.  So if you've already made the first step and pledge to ditch the bottle there is another level of green for you.  Many of you have heard about BPA or Bisphenol A and their presense in our plastic bottles, baby bottles and food storage containers.  Many of you also know that I'm not 100% on board the BPA bandwagon yet BUT I am all for reducing our dependance on oil and oil is ... [ Read More ]

Eco-Memorial Day

I know people must really get sick of me and my green ways...but this is who I have become!  We have some house guests in (family) town for a few days and they aren't as green as me.  I know that most people are not like me so I try to be patient.  My dear sweet hubby is the stubborn green man; he challenges me everyday!  He came home a few days ago with a case of bottled water to take to the beach.  He knew it was going to drive me crazy but it did make sense; we don't exactly have water bottles for 9 people.  I even made them bring the bottles home from the beach today so we could recycle them.  AND...I took my reusable water bottle for myself.  Then today we were buying some last minute supplies for our pool/graduation (pre-k) party tomorrow.  We had already bought some plastic plates/cups that are reusable last week but as our guest pointed out we probably didn't have enough.  We are seriously expecting close to 40 people at the house.  So instead of buying foam or paper plates ... [ Read More ]

Just another green day…

Work trips really wear me out!  Today has been pretty boring but I have some updates for you. 1) Curbside recycling!  I'm going on three weeks of solid pick ups!  It looks like the driver now knows that I'm on his route!  YIPPIE! 2) The garden's a growing!  Well I've had some good and bad in the garden.  I'll have to share pics later but I have my first cherry tomatoe turning red and about 50 more green ones.  I also have a few cucumbers starting to take shape too.  We served out first helping of romaine from the garden last week for taco salad and it was pretty good.  Smaller than store bought and a little stronger in taste; but really good.  On the bad side...the zucchini is just not going to make it.  Not sure what I did wrong but it's turning yellow and wilting.  3) Compost!  The compost is a learning experience.  I forget to add the kitchen waste and food scraps most of the time but I do put all my yard waste in the bins.  The soil at the bottom is really nice and when I ... [ Read More ]

Do You Freecycle?

We've all heard about the 3R's right?  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!  Which is the one most overlooked? Reuse!  How much of your garbage can have a potential reuse?  Do you throw away things that someone else can use?  I have heard about Freecyle but I've never joined or looked at a group site before this past week.  When we first moved into our house we took down part of the chain link fence that I'm assuming was used for a dog run.  It had no purpose to us so we took it down.  We couldn't stand to leave it by the road for the garbage man to decide if they would take it or it sat in the back yard for 2 years.  You can image the weeds that were growing through the chains when we decided to clear out the backyard and landscape.  My hubby was complaining about having to take it somewhere to trash it.  SOOOOOO....I joined Freecycle!  He didn't think I would ever join or participate as I'm quite the procrastinator.  But I did.  I posted the fence this past weekend and within a day I ... [ Read More ]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Good afternoon eco-friends!  Once again the quantity of regular work has me overwhelmed and unable to give you a Trashy Thursday post.  I had a great idea for today but I never got around to making it to show you.  It was a special Valentine's Day craft I was going to make with my son with an empty toilet paper roll.  Maybe if we get bored tonight (wishful thinking) we'll make one up to share.  So today is Valentine's Day and I should have wrote this earlier in the week but did you think green for the pink day?  My hubby impressed me today with a potted plant (beautiful tulips) and a recycled card.  I save cards forever so it won't go into the landfill anyways.  (Some would call me a bit of a pack-rat).  OK...sorry for the short post but I had to say HI to all my friends.  Have a great Valentine's Day and remember to 'think green' today. ... [ Read More ]