#GCDC2014 Twitter Party & Prizes

Great Cloth Diaper Change

It's almost here, the 4th Annual Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC) is scheduled for Saturday, April 26th at 11am (local time).  To help build up some excitement about the diaper change we've decided to host a special Earth Day GCDC Twitter Pre-Party to celebrate and get the word out about the local events in your area. Is there a Great Cloth Diaper Change in your area?  You can check the map on their "Find a Location" page of the GCDC website. ...and we have prizes!! Please join us on Twitter Tuesday night, April 22nd (Earth Day) from 9-10pm ET for the #GCDC2014 Twitter Party hosted by @ClothRecord and @TheEcoChic.  The party is sponsored by some of your favorite cloth diaper companies and they have each donated a fluffy prize!!  All you have to do is complete the Rafflecopter form below and tweet with us (at least one time) during the Twitter Party. Sponsors:  Moraki Cloth Diapers, EcoNuts, Kelly's Closet, Molly's Suds, Zen Rocks, Cloth Diaper Geek, Green Team Distribution, ... [ Read More ]

Cloth Diapering in Special Circumstances #schoolofcloth


Welcome back to the School of Cloth.  This is a month long educational event sponsored by the Real Diaper Association, cloth diaper businesses, cloth diapering bloggers, and the entire cloth diaper community to help raise awareness about cloth diaper.  We’re glad you found us! In week 4 of our School of Cloth we’re going to be sharing information about cloth diapering in special circumstances.  Be sure to check out the schedule of live classes listed on the RDA website and Attend the School of Cloth! Do you have twins or multiples and want to cloth diaper? Are you scared to cloth diaper at night? How do you travel with cloth diapers? My husband (family, etc) doesn't want to cloth diaper, now what!? Do you have a special needs baby?  Not sure how to cloth diaper on top of managing the challenges of a special needs child? These are all really important questions and the Real Diaper Association, Real Diaper Circles, bloggers, retailers, and the cloth diaper community can help. ... [ Read More ]

Getting Started with Cloth Diapers – #schoolofcloth

Getting Started with Cloth Diapers

Hi there!  Welcome to the kick-off of the School of Cloth.  This is a month long educational event sponsored by the Real Diaper Association, cloth diaper businesses, cloth diapering bloggers, and the entire cloth diaper community to help raise awareness about cloth diaper.  We're glad you found us! In week 1 of our School of Cloth we're going to be talking about how to get started with cloth diapers.  Be sure to check out the schedule of live classes listed on the RDA website and Attend the School of Cloth! Why have you decided to cloth diaper?  Is it for the cost savings?  The environmental benefits? or because you believe it's safer for your baby than disposables?  Whatever your reason, it may be easy to get overwhelmed when you start searching for tips on how to get started.  Take a big breath and remember, you're going to have to change diapers - it's up to you what type of diapers you're changing! There really isn't a big difference between how to use a disposable diaper ... [ Read More ]

Join the School of Cloth Blog Hop with RDA #schoolofcloth

School of Cloth Blog Hop with RDA

  What is the School of Cloth?  It's a month full of cloth diaper classes provided by participating Real Diaper Circles and Real Diaper Association businesses.  Attendees of classes can get certificates in cloth diapering subjects and enter a drawing for a chance to win a cloth diapering package and select a qualifying cloth diaper charity to receive a matching prize.   Since the focus is on education and so much education happens via the internet and blogs the School of Cloth is also a virtual cloth diaper education class that takes place on blogs all around the country.   The blog hop will begin each week right here on The Eco Chic blog and will have a linky at the bottom of each post for you to link your blog or to read more blogs on the weekly topic.  Here is a summary of topics we'll be talking about each week this month. Starting November 5th - Week 1 - Getting Started with Cloth Diapers.  Tips on how to get started with cloth diapers and everything you ... [ Read More ]

Birth of a Cloth Diaper Advocate

Day 5 - Birth of an Advocate.  Making a commitment to cloth diapering doesn't just affect you and your immediate family.  You will soon realize that you will be teaching others about cloth diapers each and every day.  In the early days you will be introducing cloth diapers to your spouse and other family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles) and friends.  They will have similar questions and concerns as you do and it's easy for use to fall back info disposables in an effort to not cause any conflicts amongst our loved ones.  But you have the power as a parent to teach these people instead of giving them a 'get out of fluff free card.' My husband wasn't hard to educate since we were both learning together.  My mom was (and still is) one of my biggest supporters.  Having used cloth diapers on both me and my brother she was extremely excited to use these new modern cloth diapers.  My mom used a diaper service when we were little so she didn't have to wash her diapers but she did have ... [ Read More ]

RDA 2nd Annual Reusable Cloth Diaper Photo Contest


 Grab your camera! It's time for the 2nd annual Real Diaper Association (RDA) 100% Reusable Cloth Diaper Photo Contest!  Today (10/19/10) is the first day you can submit a picture to the contest.  Anyone can enter the contest - all you need is a child in cloth diapers and a camera.  Entries will be collected from now until November 3rd and there is a special treat for the 12 best photos that are submitted. All submissions will have a chance to win.  Any active RDA member as of November 5th, 2010 has the opportunity to vote on the best 12 pictures.  (To become a member of the RDA follow this link to the contest rules and click Make a Donation on the right - membership is only $25 per family for the year.)  But never fear - you don't have to be a member of the RDA to submit your photo to the contest!  What happens to the best 12 photos?  They will be used to create the 2011 RDA Cloth Diaper Calendar!  And the picture with the highest number of votes will become the Cover Model - ... [ Read More ]

Can you really travel with cloth diapers?

The answer SHOULD be YES!  As I began planning for my #BlogHer10 experience I had originally planned on bringing the entire family along with me.  I researched NYC diaper services and had set up a batch of diapers to be delivered right to our hotel. Over the past month our plans changed.  We were still planning our family trip to Disney (before our annual passes expired) but then the family was going in many different directions. We packed up last weekend and headed to Orlando - complete with our stash of cloth diapers.  My first trip to Disney with the baby we packed disposables, hybrids, and cloth because I really didn't know HOW to travel with cloth diapers.  I found out quickly that it's NOT much different than at home.  This trip to Disney I only packed the fluff!  The only time it was a little less than pleasant was the 3rd day (when my DD had held her bowl movements for 3 whole days) when she decided to poo while at the water park.  Thankfully cloth holds in the solids BUT ... [ Read More ]

Help RDAs $3500 in 35 Days Campaign!

I just renewed my annual membership AND donated an extra $15 (on behalf of The Eco Chic blog) to Real Diaper Association (RDA) - are you a member yet?  Here is where your money will be going to if you join the RDA and help advocate to get more babies in cloth diapers in 2010-11!   From RDA: Each donation adds more time that we can keep our Executive Director, who continues to help us spread the word about reusable cloth diapers. We come here to you with a request. RDA continues to play a leading role in the cloth diaper movement, training and supporting grassroots advocates to lead local Real Diaper Circles, compiling and distributing research on the subject, working with the media and other businesses and organizations to increase awareness about cloth diapers, and providing direct reliable, unbiased support for consumers. We do all of this with the support of our member donors. If you haven’t contributed to our efforts before, please join us as a member today at ... [ Read More ]

I Support 100% Reusable Cloth Diapers for All Babies

  As I continue my cloth diaper journey over this past year I have become associated with many wonderful companies, organizations and people who support the modern cloth diaper revolution.  I'm still trying to decide how I can best serve the cause and bring cloth diapers into more homes.  One way I have began advocating cloth diapers is through the Real Diaper Association (RDA).  I am in the process of becoming an RDA Circle Leader...an advocate for cloth diapers in the community.  The RDA is a non-profit organization who works with parents all across the US to encourage the use of reusable cloth diapers 100% of the time!  I like to say that I use cloth diapers 99.99% of the time...and I cringe every time I put Lil' B in a hard, crunchy sposie.  My commitment to cloth diapers is primarily an environmental commitment.  Research shows that cloth diapers are far better for the environment than disposables.  Even though you will use slightly more water for washing...your babies ... [ Read More ]