Shared Parenting: Is it a 50/50 Split in Your House?

Its easier to accomplish our goals as a team and as a family

  It may surprise some of my readers just how much my husband and I share the parenting responsibilities in our house.  Many of you may assume that I'm a stay-at-home-mom blogger.  Actually, my life may seem a little different to you after reading the rest of my post. About a week ago I saw this message on Facebook from a virtual friend of mine; Annie of PhD in Parenting: Hey parenting bloggers: Do you practice some variation of equally shared parenting? If so, would you be willing to write a blog post describing how you split the parenting/household duties and both have time for yourselves/each other too? Would you be able to describe a typical day/week in terms of how things break down? I'm interested in all types of families, but especially in ones where the mom is breastfeeding. When my son was born (he's almost 10 now), I was working full-time as a State Environmental Compliance Inspector.  I worked 40 hrs and was the primary "breadwinner" of the family.  My husband ... [ Read More ]

10 Reasons to Breastfeed


Today marks the 578th day of breastfeeding my little tot!  Well to be clear - I'm not actually breastfeeding her today because she is at Camp Grandma/Grandma while I am flying (yes - right now) to NYC for #BlogHer10!  But - we are still breastfeeding and my pump (Thanks Hygeia) is packed securely inside my luggage. Many of you may remember the adventures I had while traveling to Miami for a week - without a tot - and without my handy pump!  I had a mommy moment while packing then and left the pump in my closet all alone!  Enter my introduction to hand expression and jokes from my hubby and friends! There was a question as to whether I should continue to breastfeed when I returned or let her be weened since she had been off mommy milk for a whole week.  Two hours after our reunion she kindly asked for mommy - and I couldn't say no. Once again - I will continue to pump while away and I'll let her decide if it's time to ween or not.  It seems almost fitting that she would ween ... [ Read More ]

Breastfeeding – My Journey Continues with EnJoye


It is now 382 days (and counting) into our 2nd journey with breastfeeding and things are still going strong.  I'm still excited to have this bond with Lil' B today.  My journey the 2nd time around has been different than with my oldest.  Primarily because 98% of the time I work at home.  For the first 8-9 months I was blessed to be able to have Lil' B home with me at all times.  After I returned to work at 3mo Lil' B had an amazing nanny part-time.  Whenever she was hungry the nanny would bring her to me and she would eat.  As the months went on I actually decided to start pumping because I had to travel.  I am an experienced pumper....with my oldest I had to pump everyday since I worked out of the home.  I had a Medela hand-me-down (actually it was only used 1-2 times before I got it) from a friend.  That was one of the items that I kept to use again.  Unfortunately after just a few short months it started to have some issues.  I was frustrated beyond belief...I rarely used the ... [ Read More ]

Breastfeeding: Woes of Pumping


Giveaway Alert! Win a Hands-Free Pumping Bra from Easy Expression.  Details at end of post!  ECO-ngratulations!  Ruth is the winner of the Hands-Free Pumping Bra! Check your email for details! As a working mother of two I have become very intimate with expressing milk (pumping).  With my son I worked out of the home in a traditional office setting and had to pump almost every day once I returned to work.  Each day my Medela and I would make our way to the office.  I was the first pumping momma in my office but I wasn't the last.  I had a very great group of co-workers who quickly understood that if the door was shut that they shouldn't open it (unless they wanted to get squirt with milk!).  I kept up with pumping for the entire first year.  Now it's 6 years later and I find myself in a different environment.  My full time job takes place right in the comfort of my home.  I have to travel a few times out of the year but for the most part I am a jammie worker (I work in my home ... [ Read More ]