How to Sew Cloth Diapers with Babyville Boutique

How to Sew Cloth Diapers

  Have you ever considered sewing your own cloth diapers?  About a year ago I heard about a new company, Babyville Boutique, that sold cloth diapering supplies at craft stores.  I looked a few times at our local Jo-Ann's craft store but never found them.  I only make it to the craft store a few times a year so I quickly forgot about Babyville.  A few months ago I finally stumbled upon an entire aisle of PUL, snaps, hook & loop, fold over elastic (FOE), appliques, and instruction books on how to make cloth diapers, covers, and accessories. I finally decided to pull out the sewing machine again this past week and try my hand at some diaper sewing.  Thankfully, Babyville Boutique has some great instructional (and inspirational) books complete with patterns and lots of pictures.  I've thumbed through the books several times trying to decide which project I should start with.  Being that my supplies were limited I decided to make a simple FOE diaper cover with hook & ... [ Read More ]