Healthier to you Potato and Ham Soup Recipe

Today has been a lot about food to me.  I've been PMS'ing B-I-G time today and incredibly moody.  When this happens I tend to redirect my moodiness to something creative.  Today I've been cooking up a storm - and trying to be healthy. Now - before you get all excited - I'm not one of those New Year's resolution kind of gals.  I've never really worried about my weight too much and never really had to diet.  However, as you reach mid-thirty (I mean 29) your metabolism does slow down.  The hubs has been eating healthy and exercising for about a year now and looks younger and more fit than the day we met.  I've been on the all-you-can-eat-breastfeeding diet for two years now and haven't really cared too much about what I put into my body.  Sure it has to be healthy because I'm feeding Lil B as well - but I've never been overly concerned with watching my figure.  So I eat chocolate (alot), drink sodas (less than I use to), and love CHEESE!  Yesterday we made our traditional ham, ... [ Read More ]