Positive Parenting? I have a LOT to learn!

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Reward charts, stickers, reward points, is there an app for that? I'm going to make a huge confession, I have no idea how to be a consistent positive parent! You would think after 9+ years of parenting I might have learned a thing or two, right?  The truth is that I have learned lots of little tricks to use but I'm so inconsistent.  I don't do schedules, I hate charts, and I'm a hot mess when it comes to discipline.  I have been known to take away a privilege or toy only to forget the next day that it was taken away (or why I took it away).  I've read all the advice columns and I've even talked to a clinical physiologist for some of our parenting challenges. Summer has been just as unorganized as ever.  My son hasn't had a bedtime, no daily routine, and don't get me started on screen time.  Thankfully he was in camp for several weeks and that provided him with some structure.  When he wasn't in camp he was at home with me and I tried to balance parenting and my full-time job.  The ... [ Read More ]