Start Pinning – Pinterest Addiction Explained

Are you on Pinterest yet? I got an invitation to join Pinterest a few months back but never activated my account because I was too busy with other projects.  Over the past few weeks I've noticed more and more of my friends (mostly my bloggy friends) have been 'pinning' cool photos on their Facebook walls.  I downloaded the app on my iPad so I could play with it a little more.  Then I realized I needed another invitation to join in order to actually repin my favorites.  I finally broke down and begged Jill with Baby Rabies to send me an invite. You will never see me again!  I think I may just spend all night on Pinterest instead of blogging! Don't worry - I exaggerate a LOT!  In all honesty though I can see how Pinterest could suck all of my free time right up though.  Hopefully my husband won't get tired of me saying "Ohhh, honey look at this one!"  I have a boards for: DIY I Love Dream Room Ideas - Girls Dream Room Ideas - Boys And I think I need to add an Upcycled ... [ Read More ]