10 Tips for Reducing Plastic in our Lives

Balm Baby Plastic Free Challenge and Giveaway

Take a minute and look around you.  How much plastic do you see?  So many products that we use everyday are made of or stored in plastic.  Plastic will NEVER break down - EVER!  You may be able to upcycle it or recycle it but there is a limit to the number of times it can be used.  In the end, it will end up floating in our oceans as tiny little plastic pellets that will harm the animals and ecosystems.  I won't go into the details behind all of the waste but I encourage you to visit a friend of mine, Beth Terry, and her blog My Plastic Free Life.  While she may be one of the biggest advocates for living plastic free; we can all make little changes in our lives to help the problem. Keep reading and scroll down to enter the Balm Baby Plastic FREE July Challenge and Giveaway! I have compiled a quick list of practical tips on how we can all reduce the plastic in our lives.  Don't let these overwhelm you - just pick a few of the items on the list and pay attention to the things that ... [ Read More ]

Milk Jug Upcycled Crafting #freefromtrash

Milk Jug Upcycled Crafts #freefromtrash

Are you having fun following the upcycled crafting challenge?  Today I have used an empty milk jug to make some tools that my kids can use.  All of the projects came from the same milk jug. Project #1: Scoop - using the top section of the milk jug with the lid and handle still attached you can create a scoop.  My son decided to use it to help him sift through his Lego's but you could use it to scoop anything.  Pet food, sand, water, rocks, beads, or just about anything you may need to sift through or scoop up.  When you are done with the scoop you can hang it on a hook using the handle. Project #2: Bowl - cut off the bottom 1-2" of the milk jug and you have a light-weight bowl. Again, my son used it to hold his Lego's but you could use it for anything.  Pet food and water.  Sand toy.  Bird or squirrel feeder. Project #3: Bookmarks - cut the remaining pieces of the milk jug into smaller shapes and have your kids decorate them.  Cut a small slit in the top center so that it will slip ... [ Read More ]

Join Beth Terry on The Motherhood June 18

Beth Terry's book Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too finally released this week and I couldn't be more excited for her.  Beth has worked very hard over the past several years documenting her efforts to live without plastic in her life.  When Beth approached me about being interviewed in her book I didn't feel worthy since my own life is not plastic-free, but I do know a lot about cloth diapers and that's what she wanted to talk to me about.  We spent over an hour on the Skype as I gave her the complete breakdown on cloth diapers - even showing her some of my favorites and how they worked.  I'm so honored to have my own little section in the book that will reach thousands of families who want to live a more sustainable life. To kick off the launch of the book, Beth has been invited to join The Motherhood for a Book Party today, June 18th.  Join us to talk about Beth's new book and living plastic-free. Get personal solutions and tips on limiting your ... [ Read More ]

Switch 2 in 2 Challenge with “THE” Balm!

Plastic Waste on Beach

Take just a minute and look around your room.  How many things do you see that are made of plastic?  I'm looking around my office and here are just a few things that I see:  plastic reusable cup (with a crack in it), lotion bottle, phone, computer mouse, pen, spool of thread, pill bottle, plastic reusable kitchen container, desk sorters, my daughters barrette, and that's just what's on my desk. Did you know that plastic does NOT breakdown and go away - EVER!!! This past weekend I took my kids to the beach.  It was an unusually windy day (a storm was coming) and the trash cans couldn't keep the trash contained inside them.  Combined with the people who think it's ok to leave their plastic bottles in the sand this is what I saw while my kids were swinging on the swing. In the short walk back to the car I picked up about 6 bottles and several broken pieces of unknown plastic.  They were probably part of a bucket or shovel.  I also picked up a lid from a coffee cup and a few cigarette ... [ Read More ]

Five Things I Don’t Want You to Know

My husband and I have a great relationship but like all spouses we pick on each others weaknesses when we get frustrated. This weekend he picked on my green weaknesses so I decided to turn it into a blog post. (Love you huney!) Whether you are green-minded or not you will appreciate knowing that I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be. While I am The Eco Chic that doesn't mean that I am always living the perfect green life. I am human and there is no way that I will ever be 100% green. Our current lifestyle just does not allow for me to do everything to the greenest level possible. Like most parents out there I have real life responsibilities such as a career, a family, kids, house work, church, extra curricular activities, and so much more to juggle each day...being green is just one aspect of my life. Five Things I Don't Want You to Know About Me: 1. I'm a lazy recycler and I don't recycle everything. We pay to have our recyclables picked up once a week where we live. I am ... [ Read More ]

Day 9: Lost in a sea of plastic, how about you?


One of my goals with the Eco-Summer Blog Party was to provide you with valuable information on some hot environmental topics each day.  One of the hot topics in the news lately is BPA and toxins in our plastics.  All of the information out there seems very intimidating, even to me.  I have read some great blogs by people who are passionate about their fight against plastics.  As a crazy busy mom of two some topics are just too deep for me to grasp my arms around and embrace change.  BPA and plastics is one of those topics.  It's much like global warming...I know that it is a real phenomenom and that I should change my lifestyle...but the changes that are required are just too much.  We hear global warming but we don't really know what we can do ourselves.  I asked Alicia Voorhies, owner of the online retailer The Soft Landing, to educate us a little about BPA and plastics. Guest Post by The Soft Landing's owner, Alicia Voorhies.  Coupon Code at bottom of post! Surely you've ... [ Read More ]

Looking for Something GREEN?

Many of my regular readers know that I'm trying to ditch the disposable bottled drink habit.  This is actually pretty easy for me because all I've been drinking lately is tap water.  BUT...my friends and family are having a hard time ditching the bottle!  I mentioned not long ago that I recently purchased some plastic reusable bottles at the store which is a great place to start.  I was so excited when my parents actually showed up at my house with their own bottles!  They were one of my challenges in ditching the bottle because they love ready to go items; so Thanks Mom & Dad for taking the first step.  So if you've already made the first step and pledge to ditch the bottle there is another level of green for you.  Many of you have heard about BPA or Bisphenol A and their presense in our plastic bottles, baby bottles and food storage containers.  Many of you also know that I'm not 100% on board the BPA bandwagon yet BUT I am all for reducing our dependance on oil and oil is ... [ Read More ]