10 Tips for Reducing Plastic in our Lives

Balm Baby Plastic Free Challenge and Giveaway

Take a minute and look around you.  How much plastic do you see?  So many products that we use everyday are made of or stored in plastic.  Plastic will NEVER break down - EVER!  You may be able to upcycle it or recycle it but there is a limit to the number of times it can be used.  In the end, it will end up floating in our oceans as tiny little plastic pellets that will harm the animals and ecosystems.  I won't go into the details behind all of the waste but I encourage you to visit a friend of mine, Beth Terry, and her blog My Plastic Free Life.  While she may be one of the biggest advocates for living plastic free; we can all make little changes in our lives to help the problem. Keep reading and scroll down to enter the Balm Baby Plastic FREE July Challenge and Giveaway! I have compiled a quick list of practical tips on how we can all reduce the plastic in our lives.  Don't let these overwhelm you - just pick a few of the items on the list and pay attention to the things that ... [ Read More ]

Plastic-Free Book Review

Plastic Free book review

Look around you and tell me how much plastic do you see.  Have you ever considered how harmful plastic is for us and the environment? When I first started blogging I followed a few well known eco-bloggers and watched how they made a difference by advocating for change.  One blogger that I found almost immediately was Beth Terry and her blog Fake Plastic Fish (now known as My Plastic Free Life).  I was intrigued at how anyone could live without plastic.  The concept just sounded so overwhelming. Then a few years later I had the pleasure of meeting Beth at BlogHer '10.  We immediately bonded over my resemblance to Uma Thurman and have been friends ever since.  Beth's personal journey to kick the plastic habit is inspiring and I was beyond excited (and honored) when Beth emailed me one day asking for my input in a book she was working on.  Me?  She wanted my input on a book about living plastic-free?  See, Beth never had children so she doesn't have much personal experience with ... [ Read More ]