Instagram #JANPhotoaday Challenge


Aside from Pinterest I have one other addiction...Instagram! If you follow me on Twitter you have probably already noticed that I like to share photos of my babies, my pug puppy, and lots of other random photos.  I noticed some of my Instagram (a photo app on my iPhone that is linked to my Twitter account) followers were posting #JANPhotoaday pics each day and couldn't help but join them.  Do you have an iPhone or other photo-enabled phone?  Join us - or at least follow along for some cute pics.  You can find me @TheEcoChic/Calley P. and Follow Me!  (I don't know how to link that from my laptop...just search for me and you'll find me!)  I started the photo challenge a bit late but I've been on Instagram for a while now.  Enjoy! About the January Photo-a-Day Challenge:     ... [ Read More ]

Toddler Room Remodel – Before

Toddler Room Before

My Lil' B is almost 3 years old (Jan 4th) and she's still sleeping in her baby crib.  This is the same (out of date and recalled) baby crib that her brother used over 8 years ago.  She hasn't ever tried to escape (climb out) from the crib so I've never pushed for converting the crib to a toddler bed.  (That plus I secretly want her to remain a baby because I refuse to accept that she's almost 3!!) Yesterday while the kids played I decided it was time to clean and organize her room.  I'm dying to remodel her room but I have a few limitations: 1.  Space - her room is not very large and it's also our guest bedroom.  In addition to her crib, dresser, and bookshelf we also have a futon for when guests (usually one of the sets of grandparents) stay the night.  We only have 3 rooms in this house so there is no official guest room. 2.  Guest bed - the guest bed must stay in her room because there isn't another room to move it to.  In addition the guest bed must hold two adults so a ... [ Read More ]

More Blogging About Pinterest


Yes, this is one reason I didn't write today! Other reasons I didn't write new content: - I spent the day with my kids. - My husband was working. - I rearranged Lil' Bs bedroom. - I watched (or pinned while hubby watched) some football with my man. - I went to bed early (or at least I'm planning on it unless I start pinning some more. Is there a support group for Pinterest? Photo source: ... [ Read More ]

Trash to Treasure – How to turn a door into a chalkboard

Chalkboard door

This is really more of a remodel than a trash-t0-treasure but it still fits nicely for a Thursday crafting post!  One of the topics I like to search for on Pinterest are ideas for using chalkboard paint around the home.  You can see some really cool ideas on my Chalk Love board.  I broke down a few weeks ago and bought a jar of chalkboard paint and a magnetic primer. How to Turn a Door into a Chalkboard (and magnetic) Step 1: Decide what you want to paint.  This was the hardest part for me.  I didn't want it to be a spot in my house where I would regret my decision.  I started small and chose the hall door in the foyer of our house.  I didn't tell my husband where I was going to do this because I didn't want him to 'change my mind!' Step 2: The magnetic primer called for 2 coats in order to be strong enough to hold a magnet after the chalkboard paint was applied.  Be sure to read the directions about how long to let each coat cure before proceeding to the next coat.  I did ... [ Read More ]

My Pinterest Boards

Yes, I am addicted to Pinterest!  You can read more about how my addiction developed with my Pinterest Addiction Explained post.  I think it's interesting to find out what my friends find exciting enough to pin.  Here are a look at some of the boards that I've created: Upcycling Crafts - I wish I could spend more time actually creating these craft projects myself instead of just pinning them.  I have started a few and you'll be able to follow some of my tutorials in the future. Upcycle Garden Ideas - While I don't exactly have a green thumb my parents are enjoying growing their own vegetables in a rather unique and small space.  I love sharing some of these pins with them to give them inspiration. DIY I Love - some may be upcycling while others are just creative art projects that I admire. For the Home - Ahhh...I love these spaces and wish we could incorporate some of these ideas into our own living space.  I think I'm dying for a unique swing these days.  I found one I ... [ Read More ]

Trash to Treasure Halloween Wreath – Inspired by Pinterest

fabric scraps

A few weeks ago I shared with you a pin-spiration project that was found while searching Pinterest for hours on end.  A few days later the boy and I made a trip to our local craft store to pick up the wire form needed to complete the project.  I ended up with 2 large wire wreath forms and 2 small forms.  We experimented with the small form first, here is our progress: Trash to Treasure Halloween Wreath Tutorial (with pictures): First start with a pile of fabric and/or t-shirt scraps and select the color scheme for your wreath.  Since this is a Halloween theme we went with oranges, purples, blacks, greens, yellow, and a few old Halloween scraps. The tools we used for the project were very simple - a wire wreath form, a pair of scissors, and fabric.  We didn't use anything else for our project and it was very kid friendly. Cut your fabric into strips about 1" in width.  The length of the strips depends on the size of your form.  Using a small form our strips were ... [ Read More ]