Introducing the New Rumparooz Fall Collection – #phantomfluff

Rumparooz Fall Collection

Seriously, HOW CUTE ARE THESE? Introducing the brand new Fall Collection by Rumparooz - peacock, black, and preppy!  THIS is what all the #phantomfluff excitement has been about for the past few weeks.  The super trendy teal, elegant black, and that preppy plaid is the BOMB!  Oh, this picture (shared from Rumparooz' Facebook Page) just makes my ovaries swell looking at them! (GIVEAWAY BELOW - KEEP READING!!) But I will have to live vicariously through all of you because we are potty trained and done having kids.  I did spend the last 3 years with a stash of over 25 Rumparooz OS cloth diapers and I have nothing but good things to say about this brand and the company.  They were the one brand that we reached for the most and my kids still sing the "Rumpa - Rumpa - Rumpa - Rumpa - Rooz" song by Uncle Jim (retro music video that is no longer available but I have the CD). Of all of the cloth diaper brands Julie (the owner and creator of Rumparooz) is one of the few owners that I have ... [ Read More ]

RSVP for #PhantomFluff Twitter Party 10/4/12

#PhantomFluff Twitter Party 10/4

It's the Great Cloth Mystery!! What will we be talking about?  Who will be our mystery sponsor? What the big surprise?  We'll be releasing more very soon but for now - - - - it's a Mystery!!   Teaser:  To see a little bit of the mystery... When:  Thursday, October 4th Time: 9-10pm ET Hashtag: #phantomfluff Hosts:  @TheEcoChic, @EFFBlog, and special guests @AutumnBeck and @MrsTrophyWife1 Sponsors:  That's all part of the Mystery!  We'll reveal the mystery sponsor sometime very soon! Need some tips on how to use TweetChat or TweetGrid for Twitter Parties? Note: Twitter  has decreased the API to outside applications (like TweetChat and TweetGrid) which means you may find yourself in Twitter Jail quicker than usual.  If this happens during a party you won’t be able to use your account for about an hour (or more).  If this happens to me be sure to follow @EcoChicParties (my backup acct).  How to avoid Twitter Jail?  If you use Twitter without an external ... [ Read More ]

Can You Name Them?

Phantom of the Cloth

The Great Cloth (Diaper) Mystery continues... What do you think the name of these colors and prints may be? The next reveal will be additional information about a celebration.  Please join us at 8pm ET tonight (9/17/12) to hear a little bit more!  There are a few other guests involved in this mystery - have you found them yet? YOU CAN RSVP FOR THE TWITTER PARTY NOW!   PARTY IS OCTOBER 4TH at 9PM ET. Prizes and sponsor are still a mystery! ... [ Read More ]

Phantom of the Cloth (Diapers) – The Great Cloth (Diaper) Mystery

Phantom of the Cloth Diaper Mystery

What is the Great Cloth (Diapers) Mystery? You'll have to wait and find out!  Join me back here on Monday, September 17th at 12pm (noon) ET to learn more about the Mystery!  If you'd like a sneak peek at what the mystery may be find me on Twitter or Instagram and look for #phantomfluff.  There are a few other guests involved in this mystery - have you found them yet? ... [ Read More ]