How to Upcycle a Pet Food Bag to a Cosmetic Bag

Dog Food Bag 3

What do you do with your empty dog food bags?  You can't really recycle them (bummer) so ours usually end up in the landfill.  I remember a post by Beth Terry (My Plastic-Free Life) once where she had suggested using them as your garbage bags (I always forget to do this). You can also sew with them.  They are made with a really sturdy water-proof material that is perfect for cosmetic bags, water bowls, and even a shopping bag.  A regular needle worked fine on the material. Supplies: 1 empty pet food bag 1 zipper sewing machine matching thread Directions: Cut 2 pieces 10.5" X 9" in size. Sew the zipper to the underside of each piece. Unzip the zipper part way before you begin sewing the rest of the bag (right sides together). Sew down the other 3 sized to close the bag. Trim the corners and edges. Flip so the right sides of the bag are now on the outside. Note: You could create this project at any size, just buy the appropriate sized zipper.  It would ... [ Read More ]