How to Use TweetChat for Parties – Twitter Parties 101

Twitter Parties 101:  How to Use TweetChat during a Twitter Party If you are new to Twitter, one of the easiest ways to follow and participate in a Twitter Party is by using TweetChat.  To begin visit and sign in using your Twitter account (you'll need to have a Twitter account in order to use TweetChat or any other Twitter application). Once you sign in you will then enter the appropriate hashtag (#examplehashtag) and all of the related tweets will appear on your screen. Enter your message into the empty block and begin chatting with friends.  The hashtag will automatically be entered at the end of all of your tweets so you won't have to remember to enter it each time. To reply or retweet using TweetChat hover over the arrow buttons to the right of the tweet and select either reply or retweet.  From there you can enter your comment/tweet into the message box. If the Tweets are going to quick for you simply select the Pause button at the top and ... [ Read More ]

How to Use TweetGrid for Parties – Twitter Parties 101

Looking for an easier way to take part and follow a Twitter Party?  TweetGrid is one of my favorite party tools.  Here's a brief tutorial on how to use TweetGrid for parties: 1. How do I refresh my page – it’s appeared to slow down or stick?  DO NOT refresh the page by using the Windows refresh button.  Instead if you select the FULL ADDRESS button at the top of the TweetGrid your grid will be refreshed without having to reset or lose your place. 2.  How do I share my TweetGrid with others?  You can simply click TWEET IT from the top of the grid and a shortened URL will appear in your tweet box.  Select TWEET and you have now shared your TweetGrid with others. 3.  I don’t see my tweets showing up in the grid, why?  There may be many reasons.  First check to see if you added your user name to the 3rd grid and select SEARCH.  You can enter @User or simple User and you can now see when people talk to you AND when your tweets show up in the stream.  If that doesn’t work – you ... [ Read More ]

Uh, oh!

Oh yeah, you are in the right place!  It appears that I have experienced a slight technical issue which has caused me to loose my entire Eco Chic Parties website! What I thought was being backed up everyday, wasn't.  What I thought was a subdomain of The Eco Chic, wasn't!  A few minutes with my hosting company and a rash decision has lead me here - to a blank screen! I'm trying to see what my options are and weigh the expenses of a full site restore - that may or may not work. In the meantime stay tuned because I have 2-3 parties coming in the next month (or two) that might excite you!  Coming up first is a party with Rockin' Green Soap on July 26th. It's sure to be a rockin' good time with Kim and her crew! More info coming soon - and an all new look will be revealed soon.  Thanks for visiting and I'll tweet you soon! XOXO - Calley ... [ Read More ]

Upcoming Events with Eco Chic Parties


Did you realize that I am also the owner of Eco Chic Parties?  We host weekly Twitter Parties with some fabulous sponsors.  Coming up this week we have a monthly chat with EcoMom on Thursday night, December 2nd.  This week we will be talking with Kimberly, the owner of EcoMom, and featured guest Anna Getty, holistic lifestyle expert, about greening our Holidays.  Come share your tips with us and don't forget to RSVP for a chance to win some great eco-friendly prizes from  Next week we have a party planned with the Real Diaper Association Tuesday, December 7th.  Remember the cloth diaper calendar photo contest that was held last month?  Well the RDA is ready to release the calendar on Cafe Press and will be announcing their special cloth diapers Holiday Auction.  We'll have a few special prizes to giveaway too - just in time for the holidays.  Want to learn more?  Visit me at  I hope to see you over there and on Twitter later ... [ Read More ]