What I Packed for a Trip to Paradise

An Awesome Husband

I've been teasing you for about a week now and it's time to reveal our vacation.  If you've followed me on Twitter and Instagram you may have figured it out by now.  My hubby and I escaped for 4 days to Turks & Caicos! I know it still sounds amazing!  I can't believe it's already over and we're back home enduring the flooding rains of Tropical Storm Debby (you can see how we're faring the storm on Instagram - lots of flooding). Before I left I asked what you would pack for 4 days on an Island with no kids!  I had some great suggestions including: anything white, nothing, and alcohol!  In the end here are some of the items I packed for the trip. White clothes!  You know, those one's you don't wear around the kids because they will end up with grubby little hand prints in 5 minutes!  I packed my favorite white shorts (worn twice) and a pair of white capris (which didn't get worn). String bikini!  Yes, the one with ties!  My kids would have me naked on the beach in 2 ... [ Read More ]