Plum Organics Super Puffs Can Tame Tantrums

Plum Organics

Every afternoon when my daughter gets home from day care she's incredibly hungry and crabby!  She just turned two and just started day care so we're still trying to find our afternoon groove.  The tantrums can be extreme but I've found that if I offer her a snack while I finish preparing dinner she'll calm down.  We received a sample of the new Plum Organics Super Puffs and I was happy that she was still interested in this type of 'baby' food.  She's always been a Plum Baby and Plum Tot fan and loves their Mish Mash pouches - she'll drink them 2-3 times a day if I let her.  What's so special about the Super Puffs?  they are USDA organic ingredients they are made with whole grains they are made with cane syrups there are NO HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) in the ingredients As a mom I can feel good about giving my kids a handful of Super Puffs without feeling the guilt associated with other snacks.  They come in 5 vibrant flavors and color combination.  Their tag line ... [ Read More ]

Carnival of the Green #193


The Carnival of the Green is a weekly blog phenomenon conceived of over pints of beer in London between Al Tepper of  City Hippy and Nick Aster of TriplePundit almost four years ago. It travels from blog to blog every Monday. TreeHugger became Carnival central in 2006 and each week we will point you to the Carnival every time it rolls into town. If you're a blogger who likes to talk about green, then visit TreeHugger and sign up today! Last weeks (August 10th) host was Victoria Klein and next week (August 24th) is Recycle Your Day.  Be sure to follow the Carnival as it continues to travel around the globe. This week I have some green posts that even my (vegetarian) best friend will appreciate.  For starters, Steven Handel at The Emotion Machine talks about his Thoughts on Vegetarianism and Animal Rights.  Be prepared though, some of the videos involve animal cruelty and are pretty disturbing.  Environmentally speaking, livestock are responsible for 18% of the world's ... [ Read More ]