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Easy {Healthy} Pre-Packed Lunch & Snack Ideas – Fun With Lunch Series

Packing a healthy school lunch doesn’t have to be entirely handmade. You can find healthy pre-packed lunch and snack kits to help. Continue reading

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There’s Snow and Stonyfield Smoothies in Utah (and on the Moon)

  I have you confused with the title don’t I?  Snowing?  Smoothies?  Utah?  The Moon?  What happened after my trip to Blissdom last month?  I teased you with it a few weeks ago but (as time always does) time slipped … Continue reading

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Do You Have an Eco-Princess?

Lil’ B is almost 4 now and everyday I see her trying to be more like me.  She loves putting on her “lipstick” (it’s actually a tube of chapstick) and is always asking me to put makeup on her while … Continue reading

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Green Gift Guide: For the Tropics

  Do you have someone on your holiday list that lives in a warm climate?  Did you know that you can give them eco-friendly gifts that they can enjoy in the warm weather? My top green tropical gifts include: del … Continue reading

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A Glance at Thanksgiving Week

I’m full of emotions this week as we lead up to Thanksgiving.  I’m usually really excited about Thanksgiving because it means spending time with family and friends – and Black Friday shopping.  Over the past few years we’ve started some … Continue reading

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Featured Product – madii & dyl Teenii Tot Latex Pillow

madii & dyl is a company from Australia that specializes in eco-friendly and hypoallergenic pillows for babies, toddlers, and children.  If you have a sensitive child or a child with breathing problems such as asthma you know how difficult it … Continue reading

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Why Does Organic Cost More?

Ever wondered why organic produce costs more than its chemical-laden counterparts? If growing organic means less pesticides, less growth-enhancing fertilizers, and less technological interventions, then why do we pay more at the check-out line? The reasons for this sad fact … Continue reading

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Square One (Pumpkin) Mac-n-Cheese Recipe

A few weeks ago I shared a recipe that I spiked with Square One frozen organic baby food, Healthier for you Potato and Ham Soup.  Wednesday nights at our house (OK – every night) is hectic with trying to figure out what’s for dinner.  Each Wednesday … Continue reading

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America Recycles Day with Recycle Kyle

Monday is America Recycles Day – an annual event organized by Keep America Beautiful.  Each year I organize an event for my company to recognize America Recycles Day for our employees.  It’s not until later in the week that I … Continue reading

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You Are What You Eat

This post is going to be hard for me to write because it’s one area in my life where I’m still learning – eating green.  What does it mean to eat GREEN?  Does it mean eating locally?  Does it mean … Continue reading

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