#OperationFluffy is BACK


And we are back with a Twitter Party to show The Ellen Show how much we care about cloth diapers!  For more information visit Eco Chic Parties. Have you seen this baby? ... [ Read More ]

My Funny Valentine…

Why dancing babies? Because they are all in cloth diapers dancing to get Ellen's attention.  #OperationFluffy is underway and we (cloth diaper moms) are trying to get Ellen to have a featured show on cloth diapers!  I mean who can resist all this cuteness?  How to join #OperationFluffy: 1.  Watch the video and share it with everyone you know!  Tweet it, Facebook It, Stumble It, Email It, you name it!  We want the world to see our cute cloth diaper dancing babies! 2.  Join the Facebook page dedicated to #OperationFluffy, I want to get cloth diapers on The Ellen Show! 3.  Tweet about #OperationFluffy and share pics of your own kids in cloth diapers. 4.  Read more about #OperationFluffy on Dirty Diaper Laundry blog and follow @KimRosas on Twitter for updates! OK, Ellen...we really want you to see all these cute fluffy bums in person! So give us a call, tweet, or email!  Thanks!!! ... [ Read More ]