Tips for Celebrating Earth Day with Your Children

Tips for Celebrating Earth Day with Children @TheEcoChic

Do your kids share the love of nature with you?  How do you teach them to be good environmental stewards and take care of the gifts that have been given to us?  Earth Day is a good reminder for us to teach these lessons to our children; not just one day a year but every day.  Take a few minutes today and show your children some of the beautiful things that surround them and how they can preserve those treasures.  Here are a few fun ways I like to celebrate Earth Day with my kids: Take a family trip to the recycling center.Don’t save this chore for the weekends or for dad; do it together as a family and show your children what happens when the recycling truck comes and hauls off your trash.  Many recycling centers have community educators that are available to share how recycling benefits your local community. Start a garden.  Kids love to play in the dirt and be outside.  Set aside a small area in your backyard to start your own family garden with your favorite fruits and ... [ Read More ]

Lillunia’s Nature Inspired Artwork

Ashley's Bears photo

One thing that I don't talk about often is my art background.  As a child I was heavily involved in all things artistic.  I was an oil painter at age 10 and continued to pursue my passion through college.  In college I was studying to become a graphic designer.  At the same time I was working my way through college as a sales associate at the local art supply store...making a whooping $7/hr.  You might have guessed by now that I didn't finish my degree in art...instead I attended a different university my final 2 years (actually more like 4 more years...LOL!) and now hold a Bachelor's degree in Biology.  I decided that graphic design was very competitive and I wasn't a competitive person.  That plus all of my coworkers at the art supply store all had their degree in graphic design and were still working 9-5 at the art supply store!  I recently received a beautiful piece of artwork from Lillunia, a collection of artwork by Laura Hill and Eve Gianni Corio.  The piece is Ashley's ... [ Read More ]

March is Florida Bike Month


Governer Crist signed a proclomation that makes March Florida Bike Month!  It's a great time of year in Florida to ride your bike.  The weather is beautiful, not too hot yet.  With the Department of Environmental Protection, the state of Florida encourages everyone to ride their bike to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the state.  Our family all has bikes but I have to admit that I don't ride mine much.  It's not really convenient to ride it to the store or other local places due to the traffic.  My husband and son try to ride their bikes to school once a week.  Florida is increasing the number of bike lanes around the state and we are fortunate to have many bike lanes in our area.  Still with children (my son is almost 6) you have to be very careful where you ride.    For more information on the many bike trails in Florida visit the DEP's website at  The DEP also has a great resource on their website called Rediscover Florida, 100 ways ... [ Read More ]

Trashy Thursday – Making Music

Here is a neat little musical instrument little man and I made for our new friends in Toronto, the Village Mama and family.  We had to go for a nature walk to find just the right sticks for the project.  The only requirement was that they had to form a 'Y' shape.  The two sticks we found weren't that strong so be sure to look for some sturdy sticks.  The next step was to paint the sticks with your favorite paint (we used acrylic paint from the craft store) and let them dry.  While they are drying we got to go outside and have some fun with the bottle caps.  Since we have someone in the house that drinks beer it's not hard to find bottle caps lying around.  We took the bottle caps (you can use as many or as few as you like...they make more noise with more caps) outside and hammered a nail into the middle of each one to make the hole for stringing.  Next we sanded each one with a small piece of sandpaper so the paint would adhere well.  Finally we painted each bottle cap and ... [ Read More ]

Little People Swap – Package Sent

I wrote a few weeks ago about the Little People Swap that we signed up for.  Well last week we packaged all of our stuff up and sent it to the Village Mama and family in Toronto.  We were excited to wake up this morning with a great big Thank You from the Mama herself in our inbox.  The goal of our personal swap was to make as little an impact as possible; while making a new friend that lived somewhere else.  I think we accomplished our goal!  Below are some pictures of the items we included.  You can also read more about the swap at the Little People Swap and on Village Mama's site.  These are some painted rocks that little man made all by himself.  (Well I did help a little.)  The first one is a bluebird and the second one is a lady bug.  We picked these creatures because we had seen them both in our yard over the weekend.  The rocks came from our garden. This final picture are some of our collections from the beach.  We live really close to Honeymoon Island ... [ Read More ]