The Truth About Spray Sunscreens

The Truth About Spray Sunscreens

This post is sponsored by Goddess Garden Organics Sunscreen. For years we've heard warnings that spray sunscreens should be avoided.  I have to say that as a busy mom in Florida, spray sunscreens can be very appealing.  Our kids move quick and don't sit still very long for us to apply lotion sunscreen.  I've religiously been using lotion sunscreens for the last few years and trying to explain to my friends why I don't want them used on my children. Did you know that most spray sunscreens are flammable?  Check the ingredients list and you'll most likely find alcohol as one of the ingredients in most spray sunscreens.  Alcohol is highly flammable and can turn your sunscreen bottle into a very dangerous and explosive bottle. Did you know that most spray sunscreens can be harmful if inhaled?  Any material when sprayed in or near your mouth and nose can be harmful.  When you are spraying traditional sunscreens, you're also spraying alcohol, fragrances, and lots of toxic ... [ Read More ]

MightyNest Earth Day Challenge & Giveaway

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Will you take the MightyNest Earth Day Challenge with me? Putting toxic chemicals under your arms stinks!  That's why MightyNext, an internet retailer of extraordinarily high quality and safe products for your home and family, asked me to put non-toxic Pit Paste to the test.  Find out why you should use a natural deodorant, then take the pledge below.  Your pits will thank you, and you could win a Happy Pit Pack from MightyNest! Yesterday in my, Got Stinky Pits, article I explained that I haven't used a 'traditional' deodorant in over a year.  I choose to use the all-natural deodorants because they are non-toxic and do not contain aluminum, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and other hidden toxins.  I challenge you to switch your deodorants for just one week to see what you think. For the past week, I've been personally using the Primal Pit paste deodorant that MightyNest sent me to review.  I have the 2 oz stick in Thyme & Lemongrass scent along with some other ... [ Read More ]

Toddler Bedtime Battles

Bedtime Book

I mentioned briefly yesterday that Lil' B is having some bedtime battles.  It's a combination of things but eventually (almost) every night she finds her way back to our room.  With summer we got into a really relaxed routine and let her snuggle up to us more than we encouraged her to sleep in her big girl bed.  It's not really a bad thing but the hubs and I have been kicked to the edges of our Queen size bed as she takes over the entire center portion.  Not to mention all the bruises she gives us as she flops around. I think the problem actually goes beyond the obvious spoiled well loved tot so I called in the reinforcements, my eco-friends, for a few suggestions. I think there are a few reasons she's not sleeping well.  1) Yes, she may be a tad spoiled loved!  2) I think she's scared of the dark and/or of being alone.  3) She may be hearing night noises.  4) She may be overly stimulated in the evening. Our evenings are anything but relaxing.  Depending on what our schedules ... [ Read More ]

Oldie But Goodie – Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Natural Egg Dye

I was at the store last night getting a few last minute Easter basket items and I almost caved and bought those nasty egg dying tablets.  This week (this month, this year) is so busy that I just haven't taken the time to make our own egg dye this year.  Then I looked at the ingredients list on the back of the egg dying kits!  I should have snapped a picture so I could show you what was in these things but I was too disgusted to hold that box any longer and walked away!  I think I'll be making a trip to the natural food store tonight to get some natural food coloring. If you have some time and want to experiment with making your own egg dye from fruits and vegetables it's a lot of fun and the kids will have fun seeing what colors will appear.  A few years ago we spent one entire evening doing just that.  If you'd like the directions you may enjoy my post from 2009 called Easter with the Eco Chic and Son. If you'd like to see some other tips for dying your own Easter Eggs naturally ... [ Read More ]

How to Go “No Poo” – You Tell Me Because I’m Clueless!

How to Go No Poo

Thanks to my friend Jenny at Conscientious Confusion I have decided to take the "No Poo" pledge for 2012!  My hair is actually quite healthy and I'm not overly dependent on hair care products.  I hate mousse, gels, and other products that promise to make your hair bouncy or full or sleek.  I embraced the fact that my hair will always be straight and will never hold a curl or bounce for more than 5 minutes.  When I add all of those other products to my hair it just weighs it down and makes it look frumpy and dirty.  I've never paid much attention to my shampoo and conditioners either.  For the past year I have been using TRESemme Naturals and I've never even researched the ingredients to find out just how 'natural' they really are.  The worst thing that I do to my hair is color it 3-4 times a year.  I'm a highlight and color junkie and I love to cover up the grey ('d never know by looking at me how old I am so I won't let my hair give it away).  Regardless of my current hair ... [ Read More ]

Nature Makes Perfect Scents


Do you have a favorite scent from nature?  A scent that reminds you of a special occasion, a special place, or person? One of my favorite scents from nature is the smell of Georgia honeysuckle in the springtime.  It's a little odd to me that one of my favorite scents is actually from an invasive weed but I absolutely love the smell of honeysuckle. When I was growing up in North Georgia we lived on 5 acres with only two neighbors and lots of woods to play in.  My younger brother and I were always outside exploring the old paths in the woods pretending that they were old roads and looking for hidden treasure.  I don't think we ever found anything exciting but we always had fun on our expeditions.  I knew it was spring when I would start to smell the honeysuckle on our journeys.  You could smell the honeysuckle before you would actually see it in bloom.  In addition to the sweet smell of honeysuckle I loved the white flowering blooms; did you know they produce a sweet honey nectar that ... [ Read More ]

Natual Eczema Care & Prevention

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What do I like most about babies?  Rubbing their soft silky skin - especially their toes!  Don't laugh but I love how smooth baby toes are.  Unfortunately many babies, tots and children suffer from severe dry skin and eczema which leaves parents wondering what they did wrong.  My daughter has suffered from mild eczema for several months and I've always dreaded the treatment - hydrocortisone.  I've always hated using hydrocortisone creams because they contain steroids which can be harmful to your children with repeat exposure.  We didn't notice the first flare ups of eczema until she was about six months old (maybe older) and it was on the back of her knees and inside of her elbows.  My first instinct was to adjust my diet since I was breastfeeding.  I cut out milk from my own diet and limited other dairy and acidic foods (like tomatoes).  As she started eating solids we limited those same items from her own diet.  Now that she's totally weaned we continue to limit milk but that's ... [ Read More ]

500 Days of Breastfeeding – and counting…


A letter to my darling tot - Today is a day of celebration - you are 501 days old!  For 501 days I have watched you grow from this tiny baby into this blossoming, beautiful, independent little spit fire!  Each day you wake looking up at me while you fill your belly with the milk that God gave you - I can only imagine what you are thinking about as you grab my hair and twirl it around your tiny fingers.  And each day as you go play with your friends and explore the world around you I know that you will come home to me - only to look up at me once more as you fill your belly with that same mommies milk.  You may not be able to vocalize your thoughts but your eyes tell me the stories of your adventures.  And each evening I love how you press your body against my chest and doze off to slumber - resting your tired body on mine - dreaming of another tomorrow.  I'm thankful to God everyday that he made you and provided us with this opportunity to build our bonds with one another.  I'm ... [ Read More ]

10 Alternative Uses for Breast Milk

Since I'm celebrating our 365th day of breastfeeding (i.e. my Lil' B's first birthday) and another nasty cold I thought I would share some alternative uses for breast milk.  1.  Clogged tear ducts and other eye infections.  Simply place a few drops of breast milk in the infected eye and it should clear up the infection.  I actually had to use this when Lil' B was only a few weeks old and it worked wonders for us. 2.  Chapped or cracked nipples.  Yet another personal use for myself both with Lil' B and her brother.  Simply allow the breast milk to air dry on the chapped nipple.  3.  Stuffy nose.  I still haven't tried this one but since Lil' B is battling a runny nose and cough I am going to try it today.  I've had friends swear by this to help their little ones breath easier. 4.  Ear infections.  I have to admit this one was new but not surprising.  Place a few drops in the infected ear to help speed up the healing time. 5.  Insect bites.  Again, another new use for ... [ Read More ]