Cloth Diaper Interview with Natali Morris


DAY 8 - Interview with Natali Morris about her 30 Day Cloth Diapering Challenge.  I've marked this as one of the 30 reasons I love cloth diapers because I have had the opportunity to 'meet' some amazing people since we started using cloth diapers.  Not only have I been talking with Natali this month; in the past year I've worked with many of the popular cloth diaper brands here on the blog (and at Eco Chic Parties).  I've also had the opportunity to actually meet and have lunch with Jennifer Labit - owner of bumGenius, I shared an entire weekend with Kelly Wels from during BlogHer, and have an amazing friendship with Julie Elkstrom - owner of name just a few!  Here is my interview with Natali: The Eco Chic:  Did your parents use cloth diapers on you? Natali:  No! When my mom learned I was doing this she was a little indignant. She said, “Your sister and you were just fine with disposables!” But then she helped me cloth diaper ... [ Read More ]

More Tips for Traveling With Cloth Diapers

cruise ship

Day 4: Have cloth, will travel (most of the time)! With the holidays fast approaching you may be curious about how to travel with your cloth diapers.  I'm going to be honest with you - there are times when we've chosen NOT to take our cloth diapers with us.  We are a very mobile and active family and we've mastered traveling with kids.  We haven't mastered traveling with cloth diapers though - but that doesn't mean I'm giving up either.  I kinda like the challenge but only when it doesn't send me into a panic attack. The easiest trips of course are the day trips.  Going to the mall, the grocery store, out to dinner, to play groups, church, etc.  Packing a cloth diaper diaper bag for a day is really no different than packing a disposable diaper bag. Day trip packing list: small wet bag (zippered works best) cloth diapers (number depends on length of trip) wipes (either disposable or cloth - we'll talk about wipes another day) changing pad change of clothes The only ... [ Read More ]

What is Fluffy Mail?

Fluffy Mail

What is Fluffy Mail? Since most of us don't have a local retail store to go pick out our fluff we mostly rely on the retailers we find and love online.  I have my favorite of course like (AKA Kelly's Closet).  When we place an order for new cloth diapers to add to our stash the hardest part is WAITING (it may be considered considered stalking to some) for them to arrive.  When your first package arrives it's almost like Christmas morning.  Depending on the retailer your new stash will arrive by USPS, FedEx, or UPS.  I've actually made friends with all three of my delivery guys and they have me on saved in their GPS for frequent deliveries!  (A sign of a true cloth diapering addict.) Fluffy mail can come in envelopes or boxes - large or small.  Sometimes it even comes eco-friendly with a reused shipping box (like my last box from Rumparooz).  However it comes to you fluffy mail actually makes going to the mail box fun again.  It's even more fun when it comes marked with ... [ Read More ]