No, my kids aren’t perfect. Are yours?

I'll admit it, my kids aren't perfect!  It's so easy to talk about their strengths and brag about their achievements because that's what we do as parents.  But what about when your kids misbehave, lie, cheat, and steal?  Do we go around talking about that or do we just sweep it under the rug and hope that no one will find out? I don't want to go into all of the details because this blog is not my place to embarrass or humiliate my children (after all, one day hopefully they will read some of this) but I want to acknowledge that my children aren't perfect.  This has been a challenging week as a parent.  My son got caught cheating.  He is a very competitive academic and puts a lot of pressure on himself to do good.  When things don't go as he thinks they should he gets very angry and doesn't know how to react properly.  He's always been sensitive and tends to over-react when he gets angry, that's nothing new.  I'll take full blame on the sensitivity issues because I tend to over-react ... [ Read More ]

Why I Missed a Day of NaBLoPoMo


Would you like to know why I didn't post anything yesterday? Because I had very little Internet service. I was in the car most of the day traveling on back roads through Georgia. Once we got to our destination there still wasn't Internet or 3G connection because there we 90,000 plus people sharing the network. It was football day in Athens so only a few lucky people manage to get online as we all fight for space on 3G. Here is a glimpse at our day. I don't regret missing just one day of NaBloPoMo for this...and family! We won too so it was a fabulous day!! posted from my iPhone! ... [ Read More ]

What’s on Your Fridge?

What's on Your Fridge?

  5 Things that are on my Fridge Today 1. #1 Dad magnet that the boy got for hubs a few Christmases ago. At their annual Holiday Store at the school this is what he purchased for his dad.  This was the only gift he picked up for dad.  I on the other hand received 2-3 really 'nice' gifts from the same holiday shop.  It's an ongoing joke in our house.  We all know he's a mama's boy! 2. 2010 Tampa Bay Bucs calendar. Yep - we're a little behind! 3. 2011-12 School Calendar from the boys school. They print one for each parent with all the holidays listed.  I would be lost without this. 4.  Tee-ball team picture from the first year the boy played ball. My husband was one of the coaches and I don't think either of us can bear taking it down - the co-coach passed away 2 years later.  He was in his mid-30's and left behind a his wife and two young children. 5. Georgia Bulldawg magnet! Go Dawgs! This post was inspired by Kim, Dirty Diaper Laundry blog, and a conversation a few of ... [ Read More ]

What is NaBloPoMo?

I have been so busy with my social media work that I've neglected my blog lately.  I try to post once a week just to keep it fresh but I admit that I've been sucking big time as a blogger since August. No More! It's NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month! I've never actually participated but I think it's a perfect year for me to place priority on my own blog.  With my daughter almost fully potty trained this will prompt me to start writing about topics other than cloth diapers again (don't worry...I'll still write about them too, just not exclusively). What should I write about? I have a ton of ideas in my head - I just need to prioritize them and get them out here for you.  Get ready to be entertained, inspired, and motivated to make a change! Are you participating in NoBloPoMo? What are you hoping to get from the experience? Note: Does writing twice today make up for missing the first day of NaBloPoMo yesterday? ... [ Read More ]